Saturday, 6 October 2018

Upcoming Release Dates

One of the things that has been mentioned most to me over the past few months are Release Date Notifications. Reviewers usually get albums well in advance, but are then in a quandry as to when to review. I used to go close to the release date, but others like to go early.

With this in mind, it has become increasingly difficult for buyers to find out when albums are coming out and at times where to find them. Gone are the days you could just look on the likes of Amazon or before the internet, the music press.

There's also many musicians that have been bemoaning recent changes to Facebook that mean algorithms miss out most of their potential audience. This is particularly prevalent to gigs and album release dates.

So every Friday, there will be an Album Release Date post, telling you what is out that date and what is due in the next three months in Week Order. Music and it's medium of delivery has become so fragmented in the last decade, that it makes sense to do this. You won't find the latest Ed Sheeran or Kanye West nonsense here. It will be limited to the type of music IDHAS covers. As well as telling you when it is out, you will also be informed of whre it can be bought or listened to.

Any artist wishing to be included, who has a release within the upcoming 13 weeks can contact me by email, Facebook, Twitter etc. Those who live nearer can use pigeon or whippet. Details are on the Top Right Hand Side of the Blog. I spot a lot, but it's always best to contact me as a double check. I will also be contacting certain labels to mention the idea to them, if they want to add their roster. ALL OF THIS IS FREE AS ALWAYS.

Reviews will be back after the weekend and I thought it worthwhile to mention why there is a backlog. It's a combination of inside and outside factors. People who are close already know. It's a mixture of an unexpected recurrence of a health issue which now should be hopefully sorted and the expansion of I Don't Hear A Single.

The latter has taken far longer than expected as these things always seem to. I will tell everyone in full when all is signed and sealed. I can tell you that IDHAS is becoming a Record Label and Distributor (Physical and Download) and a 2 hour Radio Show with Interviews, Sessions, Chat and of course music. I'm also half way through a book that will be released next year.


  1. Huh -- a record label. Very curious to see what that means!

  2. Hey Dom. There's a new EP out next Sat. Give me a mail send you over the details.
    The sunset spirit