Saturday 31 December 2022

The Give - Hotelworthy


Massachusetts quartet The Give offer up a real Doolin' Dalton of an album. Hotelworthy is a really laidback Indie Country Rock affair. The Indie and the Rock feel like they are itching to get out, but these guys seem formidable at a twanging Country, that the need to digress is lessened.

When they do step out, the results are ace. Russian Blue is superb and very much in the territory of The Successful Failures. Tuesday Morning is more than a bit Tom Petty on the verse and even The Wilburys on the chorus and adds a wonderful Guitar break.

Gossip Girl is great Rhythm and Blues step out with a hint of Psych Pop and UK Beat that works perfectly. Nothing Is Me is wonderfully sad, aching, truly melancholic with another outstanding Guitar solo to complete a real tour de force.

Take You Home is jaunty, almost Rock and Roll at times with some great Barrel Piano. However, Ending Start is where the band seem most comfortable as a unit, great West Coast Country Rock. The Give have provided a great listen and I'm sure the future seems bright.

You can listen and buy the album here. You can find out more about The Give here.


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