Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The Audio Extravaganza Is Nearing The Century Mark.

I am currently compiling Volume 98 of the IDHAS Audio Extravaganza, but to make the place look super organised and with the usual self importance, a plan has finally been made to celebrate the 100th Edition. Originally it was going to be a Best Of the previous 99 Volumes, but that seemed a bit too obvious, particularly with everyone witnessing so many repeats in the present situation.

So Volume 100 is going to be a week long series, going out daily from Monday 25 May to Sunday 31 May. It is going to be Session-tastic. Each day there will be an hour long show featuring some of your favourite IDHAS artists playing live and utilising electricity.

There may be three different sessions per show or one complete performance and you'll hear my dulcet tones introducing the artists. The sessions have filled up pretty quickly for four of the days now, but there are still some slots available.

So if you are interested, get in touch via email, social media, postcard or pigeon. I really want to keep each show a surprise, so you will only get to know who is appearing the day before broadcast. All 7 shows will be archived on Mixcloud after broadcast. More details to follow.

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