Monday, 29 November 2021

The Reflectors - Faster Action


After all the noise, it seems time to step back into Power Pop and Los Angeles quartet, The Reflectors don't disappoint. Their second album provides everything that lovers of the genre could want. Faster Action is melodic Guitar Pop of the highest order.

This may not be startlingly original in its content, but it isn't meant to be. A band that can unite, European, UK and US fans not only reveals their talent and appeal, but shows that when it all comes down, there is nothing like a great chorus to make a song sparkle.

There are loads of such choruses here. Combine those with big riffs and a great middle eight and you have the model Power Pop and Faster Action is a real singalong toe tapping joy. The album is a classic example of American late 70s / early 80s Guitar Pop.

A song like the title track is a little Punkish, Carry On is a little Merseybeat and Messin' Around is very UK 1979, but all are riff laden and catchy as catchy can be. Can't Sleep Tonight is pure Glam Rock, yet Not In My Heart hits Buzzcocks territory. 

At times, the album sounds like a history of Power Pop. But that break out riff on Where Have You Been? and Radio Sounds may be the best single in the genre over the last few years. Part Bay City Rollers / part The Records, it is an ace listen.

Indeed the whole album is a joyous listen. The Reflectors know what buttons to press and press them all. The Speedways have competition for who are the best of the new breed and The Reflectors have currently inched ahead. Faster Action is thoroughly enjoyable. 

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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