Tuesday 21 February 2023

The Alright Maybes - Blue Sky Thinking EP


While you would naturally pick out a voice as heavenly as Angela Reinhart's, The Alright Maybes are very much a collective and the material stretches the decades. Brian Ray's Guitar playing adapts to the song directions wonderfully with riffs and jangles.

Then there is the rhythm section of Aidan Epstein and Julian Daniell who are locked in union with some unusual patterns. The Chicago quartet might be compared to The Beths, although they aren't as riff led. Maybe also a similarity to Corner Laughers with the restrained vocal, but there's a lot more going on here.

This sum of the parts is underlined most by Always Almost. A subdued vocal is matched by a driving Bass and at times, marching band drum part. Then there is the Jangling Riff and a killer rawk solo just short enough to enhance but not ruin the mood.

The title track is maybe what you would expect them to be best at. Eerily melancholic and haunting, it moves into a splendid harmonic chorus and a Country Riff becomes prevalent, accompanied by a fine piano sneaking in.

Honey is the song that breaks out. Reinhart is never gonna get too shouty, but the band certainly get a little noisier. Add in a catch all chorus with an ace jangle that blasts into a Psych Pop Guitar Jamboree whilst the Bass Run remains steady as a rock. It is a magnificent song.

The Man Who Played is probably nearer The Beths, but yet again there is far more than you would inspect instrumentally with a closing New Wave Riff. The Rhythm section on Kurt deserve a big round of applause and what a solo. There really is so much here to like. I only wish there was more songs. Maybe best to leave us wanting more. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the EP here.


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