Wednesday 5 July 2023

Lost Ships - Atoms Collide Forever


I've really enjoyed the three previous EPs from Lost Shops. They revealed that there was more to the band than just Jangle Pop. The last EP, Nostalgia, hinted at Brit Pop and for their debut album, that thread continues big time. 

Labelling something Brit Pop can be a poisoned chalice, everything that is guitar based Pop Rock is lumped in and too many want to be bad Oasis. I mean supposedly good Oasis is extremely dull, so think what the bad is like. 

However, Atoms Collide Forever is great Brit Pop, allowing you to remember the great from the mid 90s when Guitar bands were back in fashion and bands wrote choruses. At times, Lost Ships sound a little like Embrace without the anthems, a good place to be.

I'm In Love With Your Girlfriend, has more than a hint of IDHAS faves, The Supernaturals and has a killer understated riff. Derek From Domino's is somewhere between The Housemartins and The Bluetones, wonderfully so,

Saving Grace is a jaunty all together now joy, Ray Davies storytelling in Indie Pop mode. Tom Calls Joan is great Glasgow Dream Pop and the Jangling hasn't been forgotten on Take A Walk and We're A Song That Never Sleeps is very TFC.

The Ballad Of Custard O'Toole jangles towards Toytown and Toaster Song could be Dodgy in happy clappy mode. If you want to call out influences, well they are all the better bands of the genre. The big note here is the biting lyrical wit displayed. It really shines through on a stormer of an album. Another Subjangle Triumph!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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