Thursday 21 September 2023

The Radio Field - Don'ts and Dos


I covered the debut EP from The Radio Field in October of last year and in -praising it highly, I always used it to continue my mutual admiration society chairman's role of praising Darrin at Subjangle and also marvelling at the fact that I had the same lamp that appeared on the cover. The latter highlighting how small things amuse small minds.

You can read the review here and so it is really pleasing to see the full length debut arrive. Three of the four songs from the EP are re-recorded here and it is wonderful to hear Years Ago again and it is sounding even clearer with added Jangle Power.

The other seven songs underline what a great band and although it may be Jangle Pop that people may want to label them as largely because they do it so well. there is much more here than that. There is also an adeptness in how the Jangle is incorporated into other genres.

Take for instance, Other One, which features Phantom Handshakes. The Boy Girl vocal offers up wonderful melodic Dream Pop enhanced by the Jangle. Sick And Tired is splendid Indie Glasgow Guitar Pop and incredibly catchy with it. 

The moves away are just as interesting. She Needs Therapy is great Fuzz Pop Rock, Disorder edges close to Shoegaze and is built around a riveting gripping riff. The Version even mixes Indie Pop with Tex Mex. However the best may have been saved until last.

Love is simply magnificent. A little Brit Pop, a little Pop Rock with a Brass arrangement to die for. Beautifully arranged and performed, it really is the icing on the cake, Don'ts And Dos revels in its mastery of mood and gentleness and is an absorbing listen.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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