Wednesday 28 April 2021

Some Thoughts On Vinyl


Firstly let us stop calling it by this ridiculous name. Record or LP may be more apt because you buy vinyl for floors. Don't misunderstand me, I love the format. I've never sold my collection despite replacing most of it on CD. I don't agree with the better than CD sound, particularly on modern presses, but if people think it is and it makes them buy more music, then all is well.

Don't be fooled by the marketing about it selling more than CD. Records are over twice the price of CD, so unit wise, I think you will find that CDs still well outsell their newer / older competitor. For the buyer, particularly overseas, the cost of postage has risen beyond all expectations and the larger size of vinyl adds to that cost as does the packaging. You have to pay that p and p because sadly there are not that many Record Shops around now and no one visits them unless it is Record Store Day.

For artists, Records can be a vanity project. Nice to look at and show off with, but too many copies end up stacked in their garage. People cry out for them, but many don't buy, either through sheer economics or because something they think is better appears in the long lead times. Just because an artist sells 300 on CD doesn't mean 300 will be sold on record. 

The Super Deluxe Edition nonsense has meant that the record labels have spotted an easy buck. I simply do not understand why anyone wants to buy an Edition that includes both Vinyl and CD and all the extra tracks are largely things not good enough to make the original album.

My biggest problem though is the presentation of releases. The old LP was a joy to behold. The pleasure was also in reading the cover notes or / and the insert. Now you just get the front and back cover and a plain white insert. CDs add the notes not vinyl though, unless you want a nice booklet like those in the Super Deluxe Editions that many can't justify the expense on. So many will be buying an LP just so that they can say they've got one. 

Finally, a tip for you hipsters. An album doesn't sound better played on a £50 Crossley Record Player. Oh and you don't need to spend £20 on Born To Run and Rumours, you can get them much cheaper in Second Hand Record Shops or online with the inserts.

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  1. i honestly believe if back in the day the industry had decided that the standard size of a cd was to be the same size as a vinyl album...twelve inches..thereby retaining the original lp packaging then none of this would be an issue...