Saturday 26 March 2022

Wilson King - The Other Side


I'm in the frustrating position again of hearing a splendid album, but being unable to tell you much about the artist/s with nowhere to direct you on how to buy the album. Remember that I don't use the likes of Spotify or Apple Music. I am however on the case.

The Other Side is a wonderful listen, Pop Rock at its very best. Vocal wise it is a little Bolan-esque and certainly reminds me of Simon Eugene from Out Of My Hair, particularly on a song like the excellent Escape which edges towards Psych Pop.

Ants On An Orange is another left field affair, very 60s, but a modern sounding Toytown and very Marc Bolan in tone. Winter is Coming is great Pop Rock, a little bit Cockney Rebel, a little Glam Rock. Indeed the Glam feel and sound is very Seventies.

However the production and arrangements have far more depth than that era and lyrically it is far more interesting than the I Love You, Yes I Do rubbish of the time. The Guitar solo on Dog Can't Go is riveting and the Guitar dominates the album. 

Winter Is Coming contains another hypnotic solo, Kingdom Of Ice edges toward Prog Pop> Just A Dream is a song that would be at home in the quirkier end of Brit Pop. Indeed the whole album could be from that time. Something that would have been critically lauded but sold little.

The big offering is the magnificent The Other Side which also warrants a reprise closer. A big production, a wonderful Roxy Music like Bass Line and twinkling Jetsons like keyboard. The only time the Guitar is rested. The Other Side is a superb album and I will update this review as I get further info. 

You can listen to the album here.


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