Sunday 9 July 2023

Vinyl Floor - Funhouse Mirror


When I think of Denmark, I think of Caper Clowns who are beloved. In a way we think of them as our band. However, I am extremely disappointed that I haven't discovered Copenhagen's Vinyl Floor earlier as this is the band's fifth album.

Funhouse Mirror is great Pop Rock, mainly of a vintage nature and the assistance of Rob Stoner (Bob Dylan) and Bebe Risenfors (Tom Waits) would seem to underline this. This is beautifully arranged and melodic with a fairly laid back vibe.

Indeed, at times the album inches towards Soft Rock. but the emphasis of the sound is 60s and 70s Pop Rock with the easier listening of the classic bands of that genre. The title track is all splendid vocal harmony, piano led and not a million miles from something on a 60s Bee Gees album.

Death Of A Poet is the complete opposite, all melancholy, sort of Windmills In Your Mind moodiness until it breaks into a circus influence version of Toytown Folk. Again the arrangement is ace. Between Lines Undone even ventures into Brit Pop.

Stare, Scare even gets all Proggy and Dear Apollon has a real Jazz Piano feel. There are real standouts, Pretty Predictable is a smorgasbord of ideas that include The Moody Blues and Big Big Train and there is a heavier sound dying to get out without quite managing it.

Special mention though has to go to the magnificent Clock With No Hands which has a real Colin Moulding feel to it with a cracking arrangement. It is a wonderful song. I suppose we are still noted as a Pop Rock place and this album is as great as that genre offers up. Excellent!

You can buy the album here.


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