Sunday 9 July 2023

The Make Three - You, Me & The Make Three


The Anderson Council's latest album has been the most popular review on IDHAS this year. The Brixton Riot remain one of our favourite bands. You can read our reviews of both here and here. So how about a Power Pop Trio featuring the leaders of both bands with Chris Ryan, the ex drummer of The Anderson Council?

Glad that I've got your attention! Peter Horvath, Jerry Lardieri and Ryan provide exactly what you want and expect bringing the best of both bands with a rocked up brand of a genre that appears to be slowly making a well intentioned revival.

Part of the decline came not because of the bands, but due to the fans arguing about what and wasn't Power Pop and dissing anything that was new from non established bands. A younger generation have led the revival, but it is now particularly pleasurable to see veterans if you like join the revival.

It will also allow writers and reviewers to return hopefully. They can now mention Power Pop again, not having to try and name it something else. The Make Three adopt the Trio format that generally provides the best of the genre.

The band only come up for air on a couple of occasions, this is mostly up and at 'em stuff. Parts Unknown is one of those slower moments and is one of the best things here. It is brooding, slightly jangly in a TFC way and underlines that these 10 songs offer great variety.

Having said that, the standout song is Emily Strange and demonstrates perfectly what the best of both bands brings. The album is released on 21 July, so not long now. You can pre-order now and I will add and I heartily suggest you do. You'll love it! Highly Recommended.

You can pre-order the album here. I will embed two more songs on release.


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