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Sunday 21 May 2023

The Anderson Council - The Devil The Tower The Star Moon


A more than welcome return of The Anderson Council after almost four years is indeed a reason to celebrate, Their brand of Psych Pop with more than a nod to Power Pop certainly tingles my musical senses and this album is like a shot of medication.

Following on from 2019's World Collide (IDHAS Review here), this is a band who know what they are doing and do it so well. You can read the IDHAS Review of 2016's Assorted Colours here. My love of Psych Pop is well known, probably my favourite sub genre and The Anderson Council are the kings.

The likes of Cotton Mather and Spygenius venture into similar areas often, but few live there permanently. You hear what you've missed from the opening chords. Tarot Tornado rips in with its Guitar Riff and even includes a diversion into Toytown just over half way through.

Alone With You is great Power Pop and Million Miles A Day is great 60s UK Beat, think Christie, and with these first three songs you realise that you are in for hell of a melodic ride and there are still nine songs to come. We really don't deserve this aural joy.

Picture This has a real Merseybeat feel, Untrained Eyes has a real Country Twang and Buying A House could be on The Move's first album. Times On Thames is top notch 70s Pop Rock, Give It Time is splendid Jangle Pop and Sunday Afternoon is Jaunty Village Green.

The band reveal that they are no one trick pony. Indeed, this feels like their most Pop orientated album. Lyrically adept, riff laden and incredibly melodic, I hear few bands that are able to offer up such consistent melodic Guitar Pop. 

Messes Up My Mind is the song that probably demonstrates best what the band are about. Jem Records must be delighted to have The Anderson Council on their roster. To me, these are the gems of the label. Album Of The Year Material? You Betcha! Higher than Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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