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Friday 19 July 2024

Pontiac Flare - The Blueprint


I have always been a big fan of Strange Ranger and so I was always going to be interested in this solo project from Nathan Tucker and his Pontiac Flare project. The songs have great Power Pop at its heart, more the 90s version, but expands the three chords sound.. 

There is also a big jaunty feel akin to bands as far afield as The Lemonheads and The Rembrandts. All the materials required are present. Riffs, Jangle and hooks. Choruses matched with instruments such as organ which allows journeys into Classic Rock, Sunshine Pop and Pop Rock.

The album opens with After Yesterday, which is pure Prime Time Brit Pop to a tee. Get Your Feet Wet treads similar territory, but this time with a slight Teenage Fanclub tint. Both songs are big sounding anthemic affairs and Tucker does this incredibly well.

The Context and Couldn't Be Falling Faster are more of an Indie Guitar Pop sort. The latter Jangles lovingly A much more American slant prevails, an almost US TV Sitcom feel maintains the sheer catchiness of proceeding.

You Don't Have To Tell Me is more Classic Rock, West Coast maybe with a big hint of Americana, like a sped up Jayhawks. Dumbstruck has a wonderful Organ run and a real laidback feel, a little 70s Pop Rock, but also a Guitar line that is Classic Rock, even gentle Blues Pop.

You Remind Me Of Everything is the big closer, a ballad with an Embrace like instrumental, great Pop Rock. Overall, the album has more restrained slower moments than you might expect, bearing in mind, Tucker's background. But these work beautifully because they are so well performed and arranged, especially Can't Walk Away. The Blueprint is Pop Rock of the highest quality.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


Chris Cohen - Paint A Room


I was always a fan of Deerhoof, so I feel really guilty about missing out on Chris Cohen until now, his fourth solo album. Paint A Room is adorned with magnificent unusual inventive arrangements that make you beat yourself up more about missing out on his previous three solo offerings.

Falling somewhere between a less character focussed Ward White and a less 60s orientated Mark Bacino. There is incredible depth. Yet on listening to the opener, Damage, you wouldn't be castigated for thinking this is a Jazzy Lounge album with its complex instrumentation.

Then you hear the title track with its Flute arrangement than leads into a mellow almost Costello vocal followed by the jaunty 60s Folk of Sunever with its hint of Pastoral Psych Pop and you know you are in for quite a ride.

Laughing is very experimental but heads into what is almost Prog. Wishing Well instrumentally mixes Dream Pop, 80s like Gravitas Pop and a riff that Robert Tripp would not be ashamed of.  Night Or Day has a lightness that you expect to break into Jangle Pop, another fine arrangement, almost jaunty.

Physical Address again edges towards Jazz and Prog without ever losing its melodic sensibility. At times, it seems like Cohen has raided the instrument cupboard, but all add effectively and generously to the arrangement.

This isn't the crash bang Guitar pop that you might expect from us. It is an album that will take more than one listen, but it is absolutely hypnotic. Such depth and talent has to be admired greatly. It maybe shows that we have come a long way from our just Power Pop days, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Paint A Room is a total musical education.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on Vinyl, CD and as a download.


Joy Buzzers - Shake On It!


I've banged on many times in the past about how close Pop Punk is to Power Pop. If you lose the robotic talky vocal for something more melodic, at times as if by magic, you have great Power Pop. Joy Buzzers' debut album is a great example of this. The songs become les aggressive and far more melodic.

I'm certainly not having a go at Pop Punk, we cover enough of it here to prove that. But Shake On It! is so much fun, surprisingly lyrically adept and not afraid to divert from the template. Riffs are aplenty and there is a real say what you wanna say then get off, something more bands should do. 

13 songs in 30 odd minutes is just dandy. You can listen to the album twice in just over an hour. People will bring out Weezer comparisons, when labelling the Chicago Trio, but truth be known, they are closer to a less serious Material Issue.

The longer songs work just as well as the shorter ones, they just have more to say or play. For example, Dusk is wonderfully different to what surrounds it, slower, darker, more Indie Rock.  Similarly, Bleed For You is a sped up joy, wonderful Power Pop.

Call Of The Wild has the urgency of the UK 1978 has Punk crossed over to New Wave. There's even Ska here, Brass and all on Naomi. The strength of the band is that they can mix the good time, this is us, witty stuff with songs of depth that belie their ages.

This week has been a real week of great debut albums. This is another as good as any of them. Beautifully performed Power Pop with a real sense of melody. In the wrong hands, this could have been woe is me Slacker Rock. This is exactly the opposite and thus absolutely splendid.


You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on CD and as a download.


Thursday 18 July 2024

Gustavo Warnunk - Semi​-​Detached Tales Vol. I


You know that feeling when something catches you completely by surprise, well I've got it. Gustavo Warnunk is Brazilian and living in Muswell Hill. My initial inkling of this album was via a submission for Listening To This Week.

That song is wonderful and will appear on next week's LTTW and is so good that I went and looked if Warnunk had recorded anything else and yes he has. It is so pleasing because that was what Listening To This Week was partly intended to do. The finding albums has took a back seat due to the sheer monster that LTTW has become as an outright playlist.

The album is very 60s and the periods that we love from that decade. There is a real Psych Pop bent, but big feet are trod into Classic Rock, Folk Rock and UK Beat. As you'd expect there's lots of wonderful Organ accompaniment.

At times there is a Brut strut, Kinks-ish on Semi-Detached Tale, Trippy on Day/Night which has an ace Indian Psych chant, a Classic Rock strut and strum on Finsbury Park. There is a real Alt Noir film soundtrack vibe on Woodberry Down.

480 Lockdown is even great Pop Rock and Mathew Street is jaunty Piano Pop that turns into technicolor Psych Pop playfulness. Double-Decker Dreamer enters Toytown with great effect. Wood Song is the big closer and six and a half minutes long. It is magnificent Canterbury Prog, flute and all.

People know what a Psych Pop fan I am and there is delight here in such. But there is much more. With the exception of pure Pop, it is the 60s that I listen to most. A real surprise and an absolutely awesome listen.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


Secret Molecules - High Tide EP


Dordrecht's Secret Molecules' self titled 2022 album is a cracking debut album. We loved it so much that it made our Best Of Year. You can read the review here. The follow up EP is just as great, but in a different way as High Tide is much more Indie Pop for the majority of EP.

Having said, this will be one of the best things that you will hear this year. My only wish is that there were more, at least double what is on show. The back end also shows how varied they can be as the back end heads into very different directions.

The title track is wonderful 80s Indie Pop. Great vocal harmonies, lyrically adept and a tip top jauntiness, it is the ideal Summer Song. Whereas High Tide sounds very UK Pop, At The End Of The Day is more like the US Indie Pop variation of the genre. It also sounds a little Seekers at times.

Heaven's Band is equally melodic. Slower, but just as effective, maybe more 60s. Pick Up The Phone is an absolute gem with a quirky arrangement and a vibe that crosses the 60s, 70s and 80s. Much more Pop Rock than what has gone before.

That leaves Somewhere In Between which is splendid Country Pop, a real altogether now song. Secret Molecules are one of our best discoveries of recent years. All five songs here would grace anyone's playlist. Pop this great shouldn't be hidden away. Don't sit Secret Molecules in a corner.

You can listen to and buy the EP here.


The Hollywood Freeway Ghosts - Broken Doll


Freeway Bill will tell you that Rock n Roll is a young man's game. This isn't his 90s in bands that are looking for a Record Deal. However, a move to Luxembourg revived a yearning to return to performing, initially Cover Bands.

Broken Doll is an album that is a tribute to those Hollywood days, over three decades ago. Whilst centring around Indie Rock, there is great variety, with some unusual instrument additions, but the focus is largely on the Electric Guitar with some enormous riffs.

The album is not a solo album, but a collaboration with musicians from as far afield as the UK, USA, Netherlands and Argentina. The strength of the album is that it sounds as though everyone was in the same studio. 

Whereas Invited is Classic Rock mixed with a 90s College Rock feel.Try is more 80s AOR, but built around a big Power Pop Riff. Never Mind is prime time melodic Pop Rock, but adds unexpected Brass and a killer Rock Guitar solo.

Better Days adds Brass too, but in a more dominant all encompassing role, to a killer chorus and a slight Jangle at times. Love Sick Mind is my favourite track, a real Alt Rock riff that is slightly Psych Pop. More restrained than what surrounds it, but hypnotic.

Is She Watching borders on Madchester, allowing Little Broken Doll to close proceedings with another killer riff on a more Blue Collar All American Blue Collar Rock. Beautifully performed and arranged, Broken Doll is a cracking 7 song affair.

You can listen to and buy the album here


Monday 15 July 2024

Listening To This Week Playlist

Another 30 splendid songs to see you through the next 7 days. This week's LTTW feels a little more mellow at times.  I do hope that you can listen to all the songs across this week. The last listed is as great as the first and you have plenty of time to listen. This weekly playlist is solely for submissions, not the usual stuff that we dig out ourselves. 

All embeds open in new windows to aid scrolling. Links to the artists will also appear on I Don't Hear A Single Social Media sites over the next 24 hours. This will help you to discover more about the artists who appear here. 

A reminder about the previous IDHAS post. From next week, the Listening To This Week Playlist will be duplicated as a Mixcloud mix.  Thank you for supporting the new music from Indie artists as always.

Laughing - Will She Ever Be A Friend Of Mine?

Cherry Fez - Superexcited

Caddy - Someone Like You

Midwest Royal - Baby You're The One

Paul Molloy - Luxury Bunker

The Breaks Inc. - The Ins + Outs Of Always Being Sad

Desi And Cody - I Really Like You

The Glad Machine - So High

The Junipers - Annie Almond

An Overnight Low - Lady Londonderry

AJ Baragar - accountable (dying in submarines)

Soft No - Melting Timelines

Sputnik The Band - King Of The L.E.S.

The Duke Of Surl - The Bells

Summer Fling - Never Ending

Lucifer Sunshine - My Immunity

The Crystal Teardrop - Running Out Of Time

A Days Wait - Lay It Down

Peel - Love Phobia      

My Loving Tiger - Cupboard Wars

Christina's Trip - Swim

Big Bad Bobby and the Shoe Horns - Moving On

Ardy - You Only Love Me When You're High

Casual Male - Half Cut

Capture This - Empty

Mingo Drive - Color Blind Stories

Guest In The Car - Music For The Kids

Dear Misses - 1% Suckers

Third Time's A Charm - Fading Innocence

executive dysfunction - Holy City


Sunday 14 July 2024

Listening To This Week News


The success of Listening To This Week has absolutely gobsmacked us. It was only ever intended to be a way of giving non album singles a chance as primarily what we are is a Review site. But its popularity has caught us by surprise.

It is a fair bit of work as about 400 songs a week are listened to in deciding the 30 that go on the playlist, but it has added a whole new additional audience to IDHAS. With this in mind, we are going to extend it further to include Mixcloud.

After Monday's Playlist is posted, the plan will proceed and begin with the weekly playlist from Monday 22 July. The Mixcloud mix will be in the same order as the normal Playlist, but will give artists another chance of being listened to and all the songs will be together for one listen without having to open individual songs. 

We obviously deal with the songs in all ways, but all stream. However artists will be given the opportunity to provide a download for Mixcloud. If some artists don't wish to do this or don't reply, we will proceed with an edit that has those who wish to do so.

We need the download because we have to upload the playlist ourselves. The original playlist will appear on Monday morning as always. With the Mixcloud version going up later that evening. It is extra work, but we have always been solely about getting artists a bit of attention and so this adds to that.


Friday 12 July 2024

Laughing - Because It's True


There's been a building clamour for the release of Laughing's debut album. Bits that have been around have only added to the excitement. Canada has been the centre of intelligent Indie Guitar Pop for the past couple of years and now we have an Indie Supergroup.

The four voices meld and match so admirably and the different backgrounds allowing genres and boundaries to criss cross and what a mixture it is. The pedigree and vibe on show meant that there had to be a song ready for a Teenage Fanclub comparison and Bruised is just that.

Will She Ever Be A Friend Of Mine mixes Big Star with The Move and rolls the song into classic Gravitas Pop. It is an absolute joy of a song. Glue is great West Coast Rock with a dash of both Country and Classic Rock, a little Exile On Main Street even instrumentally.

Sour Note is classic 70s Pop Rock tinted with Country and Jangle, a real travelling band, all together now sort of thing. Garden Path even gets into Crazy Horse territory and Narcissist Blues is an object lesson in how to write a melodic rock song, all riff and harmony.

Pebble even dares to edge into Country Rock and adds a Rock out solo and the only word to describe Secret is beautiful. Because It's True may be a debut album, but it sounds more like a Classic one. The instrument box is raided, but used tastefully.

It is very rare that an Indie album that had built up a fair bit of hype actually delivers as well as this. Beautifully played, arranged and produced, this allows the songs to stand out revealing the talents of the four and allowing different directions to be taken. Wonderful!


You can listen to and buy the album here.


Ian St. George - Emergency Index


Ian St George's debut solo album is an unexpected diamond. I like to think I know everything about everything, but this caught me completely by surprise. It is very much in touch with the new wave of Power Pop, a slightly more aggressive version of the verse chorus and guitar break,

Having said that Kimberley is classic Power Pop and Everything Goes Wrong is a UK late 70s New Wave version of the genre. But there is much more inside than just that. Waste My Time even goes into the period that ran up to Brit Pop, a little Lemonheads maybe.

Yet Goin' Down borders on Garage Rock, a much aggressive sped up vibe. Much more Indie, wonderfully so. yet Anytime At All is all Jangle Pop and Polymorphia is a great take on 90s noisy US College Rock, the anti-venom to the sheer miserableness of Grunge. 

California's is Fuzz Rock of the highest quality with a driving rhythm track and a vocal that is aggressive C86, right in your face. But the Pop Rock fares equally well. No One Really Knows is a cracking Pop song that mixes in Psych Pop and Jangle with big shades of a rocked up early Teenage Fanclub.

Angel Flowers Hiking Song has a chaotic feel to it, but is a great opener. There's also a great Lo-Fi take on  Guided By Voices' How I Loft Am I? that breaks out splendidly. It sounds purposely scratchy, compared to the production of the rest of the album.

The five piece lock together beautifully, never more so on the magnificent Dreamer in all its nigh on 7 glorious minutes. Instrumental, apart from the added audio commentary. It is mesmerising Alt Rock that edges towards Psych. Hypnotic and jawdroppingly great, stunning. What a great listen Emergency Index is.

You can listen to and buy the album here. The album is available on Vinyl, a Super Deluxe Bundle that adds the CD and a T Shirt and as a download.


Tuesday 9 July 2024

Here Is The News


It has been a while, largely because there hasn't been so much. But over the past week, it has come flooding in.  The theme is largely about the return of IDHAS heroes.

Mothboxer - Twelve

Hot on the heels of February's Timelimes album (IDHAS Review here) Dave Ody is proving especially prolific this year, on fire really. 26 July will mark the release of a second album for 2024. Ody started recording after the release of Timelines.

Having heard the album, it is top notch. You know that Mothboxer never let you down, but the new one is simply wonderful. Look out for the nigh on 13 minutes closing track How Does It Feel. The album is called Twelve, being errrr Mothboxer's 12th album. 

Look out for further details and updates here and here.

Caddy - Someone Like You

There`s a 20 year anniversary for Caddy this year and Tomas Dahl wanted to write and record a new album for the occasion. The self titled album will be released on vinyl through Vestkyst Records and CD through Kool Kat. Release date is 22 August.

2023 was pretty rough for Dahl with losing both parents and two close friends within a period of 6 months.. The album is lyrically darker reflecting on those events,  The music is still very much melodic but there is much more Power on this album than in a long time, but the results from our Power Pop hero are outstanding.

A single has been released and you can listen to Someone Like You below. The song will also be included on next week's Listening To This Week Playlist from Monday 15 July. 

The Mommyheads - One Eyed Band

I think many of you know our love of The Mommyheads. We have been fans forever and ever amen. It has been wonderful to see the band in full flow over recent years with more Live shows than ever. We have seen the following grow and grow and still consider them as possibly our favourite band ever. 

A new album, One Eyed Band, will be released on 13 September and I know we can be biased, but it is truly magnificent. The tracklist is below. Look out for further details on the band's website here and Bandcamp site here.
Album Details :

01 Chicken Soup

02 Life Is A Dream

03 Season Of Our Sound

04 Architect

05 Human Being

06 Risk It All

07 One Eyed Man

08 Weightless And Unbound

09 Junk

10 The Gift

Derrero - Breezing Up

It is hard to believe that I have been a fan of Welsh Wizards, Derrero for 29 years. Through Brit Pop and Beyond. No one quite catches the mood like their albums do. So it is delightful to note that Derrero's sixth studio album, Breezing Up, will be released on 14 September.

The bulk of the album was recorded last October at Palm Tree Studios in Kent and features contributions from Dewi Parry (Ghosts Lawns, Siula) and Gid Goundrey (Gulp, Ghost Lawns, EYE) with additional brass from Ifan Rhys & Rob Halcrow.

Derrero have maintained a resolutely DIY and esoteric approach to music making cementing their reputation as a strident and confident band who remain steadfastly unafraid to swim against the tide and self-release uncompromising music outside of the mainstream
Breezing Up will be preceded by a single on 02.08.24 from when the album will be available for pre-order. The tracklisting is as follows :

01 Ride On Rider
02 Catherine
03 The Drive Home
04 A Line In Space
05 Breezing Up
06 Cosmic Shift
07 Painting With Sound
08 Mile After Mile
09 Creepy Crawlies

Cherry Fez - Superexcited Sessions 


It is an exciting time for Todd Shuster this year. Firstly, he has recorded an EP in Nashville with Brad Jones. The results are exhilarating and all four songs will delight Power Pop fans. The first track from those sessions has been released and you can listen to it below.

There may be more songs recorded later in the year and here's hoping a label will pick them up for a Physical Release as either an EP or mini album. Superexcited (the song) will also appear on next week's Listening To This Week Playlist (15 July).

In the meantime, the excellent Subjangle label is releasing a double CD compilation of Todd's old band, The Impossible Years called A Good Past Deserves Repeating. Provisional Release Date is 14 July. More details as I have them.

Finally Cherry Fez will be playing some IPO’s as Rick Kingo Featuring Cherry Fez at LA, San Diego, Vancouver and New York). It is great chance to see Rick and Chris from Caper Clowns with Cherry Fez. I am quite envious. IPO Details can be found here.

The Junipers - Annie Almond  


On the theme of returning heroes, there was a real Wow! hollow when we found out that The Junipers  were returning. First up is the wonderful single that is released on Thursday (11 July). Called Annie Almond, it is as ace as you would expect.  

A follow up single is initially planned for 1 August titled She Looked Up At the Stars. Even more exciting is the news that a new album is ready, provisionally planned for a release at the end of August. The album is likely to be called Imaginary Friends. 

The You Tube embed for Annie Almond is below.  It will not go live until after midnight on Thursday. Listening To This Week fans can also hear the single on next Monday's LTTW (15 July).

Sloan - Smeared Deluxe Vinyl Box Set


The fourth deluxe box set from Sloan and this time focusing on the debut LP, Smeared. Along with that album, it also contains an LP of demo recordings. Live recordings from the era are on the third LP and the 7" single. Lots of great photos, stories and ephemera in the excellently designed 12" x 12" 44-page booklet. Limited edition!


 LP 1 - Smeared

Side A

01. Underwhelmed
02. Raspberry
03. I Am The Cancer
04. Median Strip
05. Take It In
06. 500 Up

Side B

01. Marcus Said
02. Sugartune
03. Left Of Centre
04. Lemonzinger
05. Two Seater
06. What's There To Decide?

 LP 2 - The Demos and Outtakes

Side A
01. Kool Aid (March 1990 Chris demo)
02. Left Of Centre (February 1991 demo)
03. In Her Place (February 1991 demo)
04. Pretty Voice (1991 Jay demo)
05. Caroline (1991 demo)

Side B
01. Underwhelmed (1991 demo)
02. Marcus Said (1991 demo)
03. 500 Up (October 1991 demo)
04. Raspberry (October 1991 demo)
05. Median Strip (Andrew vocal)

LP 3 - Live at McGill University June 17, 1993

Side A
01. Median Strip (live at McGill 06/17/93)
02. Take It In (live at McGill 06/17/93)
03. Sugartune (live at McGill 06/17/93)
04. Pillow Fight (live at McGill 06/17/93)
05. Coax Me (live at McGill 06/17/93)

Side B
01. Underwhelmed (live at McGill 06/17/93)
02. Penpals (live at McGill 06/17/93)
03. I Am The Cancer (live at McGill 06/17/93)
04. Rag Doll (live at McGill 06/17/93)
05. Left Of Centre (live at McGill 06/17/93)

7" single

01. Autobiography (live at The Grawood, Dalhousie 03/20/92)
02. Easily Fooled (live at The Grawood, Dalhousie 03/20/92)

Chris Church Underground Again

Chris Church is currently finishing off his latest album, some of which I have heard and those songs are top notch as ever. In the meantime, Chris has released the song, Underground Again. The definitive version of this song has eluded him, but he has always loved it.

This version is newly recorded in spring 2024, with Brian Beaver, friend and bandmate from DANG on Drums. Brian also painted the picture in this cover photo. Church wrote the song in the late '90s. A different version of it was recorded with THE FREDS several years ago. 

That version is titled "Fad Collectible" (first track on THE FREDS album "Heavens For Betsey"). Finally set free with no final mix or mastering. it is Church's final attempt at the song and well worth a listen.

The Glad Machine - So High

Finally, a most welcome return from The Glad Machine. It has been a couple of years since the excellent Hey album which featured heavily in our Best Albums Of 2022. You can read the IDHAS Review of that album here.

Suiting the season, if not the weather over here in the UK. A great blast of catchy Power Pop joy. Brad Thayer still has a fine set of pipes. We can't wait to hear more from the band.


Monday 8 July 2024

Wild Yaks - Monumental Deeds


You will have heard See The Light on a recent Listening To This Week in all its magnificence and so now it is time to tell you about the album. I don't need to go into the story of Wild Yaks because Robert Bryn tells it splendidly in great depth on their Bandcamp site.

Stylistically the Brooklyn six piece are all over the place with the mix of instruments. Bryn's vocal follows the different directions covering everything from a 60s Garage Rock vibe to Pop Rock and all in between. This is quite a ride, a wonderfully melodic and alternate journey.

The genre crossing is largely aided by the instrumental arrangements which are put together magnificently, obtusely at times, but all collide so well. The 60s organ sound at times mixes with the content. Take for instance Jose's Struggle which is all 60s Beat accompanying a stream of consciousness motormouth vocal.

It is very 60s at times, a mic Of New York and a vibe of UK 1967 UFO Club.  But it is has a Post Punk feel and 80s New Wave chink, a bit Oingo Boingo if you like. The inventive playing works perfectly with the lyrical adeptness that is exceptional.

The Sax on Dearly Beloved is awesome on a song with a driving Bassline that sounds more than a Little Rock And Roll. Take The Bell is a great closer, very melodic, yet chaotic instrumentally, sort of summing up all of what has gone before.

Although the album is nothing at all like XTC, the vibe reminds me a lot of the Barry Andrews early days, in your face, dissembled, yet pure gold dust coming out of the speakers. You will not hear many albums like Monumental Deeds, which is a testament to our original and splendid it is.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on vinyl and as a download.


Sykofant - Sykofant


Quite a few of you know that I love Prog and this is Proper Prog. It is also like an advert for my alternate non IDHAS musical life. For it mixes in Psych, Classic Rock and even a slightly Hard Rock, yet remains incredibly melodic and at times a little Pop Rock.

This is the type of Prog that I adore, built on riffs and rhythms with a vocal that enhances it. It is a masterful debut album from the Norwegian quartet. Certainly not the Prog Lite of the pretend King Gizzard wannabes.

Complex arrangements turn into stellar hypnotic riffs. At times it explodes, at others it is just hypnotic. Those riffs follow on, one after another, often delicate until they stretch out. You just find yourself lost in the wonder of it all.

It is not a simple first time listen, but perseverance allows non Prog fanatics to appreciate the breadth and depth. Six tracks in 55 minutes, including three over 10 means you have to be brave, but the rewards are sky high. I've embedded two songs, the shortest and the magnificent Between Air And Water. Please give it a go!

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on Vinyl and as a download.


The Well Wishers - Just So You Know


Jeff Shelton reaches his 13th album and the quality of The Well Wishers just doesn't let up. Just So You Know has its base in Power Pop as you would expect, but this album feels more rocked up than what has gone before.

At times, there is a prime time Not Lame Feel, but the rockier direction takes in much more into the likes of Teenage Fanclub territory, Indie Rock and even AOR. This aided by guests on the album who help with the variance.

The Bye Bye Blackbirds' KC Bowman, Stonedog's Chris Dunn and Chris Brown. The Bitter End bursts out of the blocks with some incendiary Guitar blasts from Dunn, a real up and at 'em hard rocking joy of a song.

Bowman helps out on Fight Or Flight, a song that skirts around Americana and Rock and Roll with a massive chorus and lashings of Jangle. Could We Ever Get Along? is very Tommy Keene with an awesome Guitar Solo aided again by Bowman.

Harlan Park slows things down, a sort of comedown and break for air and the song is great West Coast Pop Rock with some wonderful Piano from Chris Brown. But you'd be mistaken if you felt that the album was only about the guests. Far far from it.

Shelton's trademark Guitar Pop is aplenty in evidence. Good Eyes Gone Bad mixes Power Pop with a UK Glam feel, Old Enough To Know is great Jangle Pop, Here We Go and Back Down Son are outstanding Power Pop.and Good Side even adds in some top notch Psych Pop Guitar. Splendid!

You can listen to and buy the album here.  It is available on CD and as a download.


Listening To This Week Playlist

30 fine and varied songs make up this week's playlist.  I do hope that you can listen to all the songs across this week. The last listed is as great as the first and you have plenty of time to listen. This weekly playlist is solely for submissions, not the usual stuff that we dig out ourselves. 

All embeds open in new windows to aid scrolling. Links to the artists will also appear on I Don't Hear A Single Social Media sites over the next 24 hours. This will help you to discover more about the artists who appear here. 

A reminder that we purposely don't have a Spotify account, so Spotify embeds are only included when there is no other link or the artist specifically requests it. Thank you for supporting the new music from Indie artists.

Best Bets - Monster

Joy Buzzer - You'd Be Surprised

The Chesterfield Kings - Fly The Astral Plane

Zorin Morris - Hold Tight

K-9 Cat - Madcap

The Manky Melters - Star of the County Down

the archimedian point - rumblestrip

Juno Arcade - Imposter Syndrome

The Stone Souls - Rose Of Jericho

Sr. - High & Dry

Stannington - Through You

the Vinyl Skyway - She Killed RocknRoll

MoonLikeSun - The Black Book

Richard Ayton - Hey, Yeah


Lemon Lemon - Jupiter

Dead Phones & Dogs - Different Kind of Fine

Issy Sutcliffe - The Cost Of Living

Subterranean Deadbeats - Hang Me Out

Myk Gordon - Flown

July Crowd - Happy Ever (Afterthought)


You Fool! - Taking Notes

Nothin Serious With AJ Morrow - Sunshine Prescription

Monocene - Awake

Angel District - 10,000 Hours

Andrew Huston & The Waders - Density

Aiden Kelseo - Fall Apart

The Confusions - Everybody's Running Away

Lumari - Slow Kill