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Monday 8 July 2024

Wild Yaks - Monumental Deeds


You will have heard See The Light on a recent Listening To This Week in all its magnificence and so now it is time to tell you about the album. I don't need to go into the story of Wild Yaks because Robert Bryn tells it splendidly in great depth on their Bandcamp site.

Stylistically the Brooklyn six piece are all over the place with the mix of instruments. Bryn's vocal follows the different directions covering everything from a 60s Garage Rock vibe to Pop Rock and all in between. This is quite a ride, a wonderfully melodic and alternate journey.

The genre crossing is largely aided by the instrumental arrangements which are put together magnificently, obtusely at times, but all collide so well. The 60s organ sound at times mixes with the content. Take for instance Jose's Struggle which is all 60s Beat accompanying a stream of consciousness motormouth vocal.

It is very 60s at times, a mic Of New York and a vibe of UK 1967 UFO Club.  But it is has a Post Punk feel and 80s New Wave chink, a bit Oingo Boingo if you like. The inventive playing works perfectly with the lyrical adeptness that is exceptional.

The Sax on Dearly Beloved is awesome on a song with a driving Bassline that sounds more than a Little Rock And Roll. Take The Bell is a great closer, very melodic, yet chaotic instrumentally, sort of summing up all of what has gone before.

Although the album is nothing at all like XTC, the vibe reminds me a lot of the Barry Andrews early days, in your face, dissembled, yet pure gold dust coming out of the speakers. You will not hear many albums like Monumental Deeds, which is a testament to our original and splendid it is.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on vinyl and as a download.


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