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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Amateur Ornithologist - Hide

Seasoned watchers / listeners know the way to my musical heart. Great Psych Pop is one way and there will be some of that later, but even more so Quirky Intelligent Inventive Indie and this more than falls into the latter category. Wonderfully so and it is from the UK which is an even bigger bonus.

It can get so frustrating over here. The music scene has got so regional. It is tumbleweed at times and when it does liven up, it is usually something ordinary that gets copied for the next 18 months. So how refreshing to hear an album as special and splendid it is as this. 

The six piece collaborate on the arrangements and they are the real strength here. a little left field adopting Indie, Rock, Prog, Folk and even a little Jazz. At times, the album sounds like Field Music backed by a top notch band. It is also held together by the strength of Daniel Clifford's vocal which gently leads everything.

They can do straight ahead and also complicated from the beautifully performed Indie Pop of the title track to the epic 5 minutes plus of When They Fall which is almost anthem and more than a little like a bigger arranged Orgone Box affair. Incredible harmonies enhance that song even further.

Those harmonies also adorn The Word Is Love, a song built around a Talking Heads like Bassline and a vocal that strangely nears Boy Band Pop. Venetian Blinds is splendidly melancholic led by Sax, yet It Looks Like Magic bursts out the blocks, picking up the pace and even finding time for a Beach Boys like interlude.

I like it best when it goes right to the edge. The opener, A Hidden Path is awesome built on a Baroque Pop arrangement that is almost classical. Then there is the absolute delight that is Time To Talk that encompasses everything that the band does.

At times you think it is The Lilac Time or a Colin Moulding XTC song, but it also contains a Robert Tripp like Guitar line and enters Prog with its killer bassline and Sax. The beauty of the album is that it makes the complex sound so simple. The Anatomy Lesson, for instance, comes across as pure 80s Pop then you realise how much is actually in the song. 

The Sax here is tastefully added, benefitting the song. I have to admit that I have never been that keen on the instrument as it can dominate everything. but here it seems so at home. The last time that I thought that was on the Bandicoot album and that was an Album Of The Year for us and who is to say that this won't be the same? An Essential album to listen to whole and in one word, Magnificent.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


Tuesday 30 January 2024

Emperor Penguin - Gentlemen Thieves


In my review of the band's previous album, 2022's Sunday Carvery, I noted that Emperor Penguin had the happy knack of encompassing the history of Pop Rock whilst still sounding wonderfully original. I could have added that every album seems better than the last, no mean feat because few can do that and with such a high standard. 

That album, as with their previous albums, made our Best 100 Albums Of The Year and I have no doubt that this one will grace the 2024 one, although I will admit that after just finishing the 2023 Best Of marathon, I'm thankful that this is long in the distance. 

Sunday Carvery had a big hint of the 70s, if anything Gentleman Thieves feels more 60s UK Beat, but varnished with much more harmony. There are also adventures into Psych Pop, an area which the band particularly excel in. 

Having multi vocalists also adds to the variety and that variety also throws up some great surprises. I Wouldn't Put It Like That is an absolute gem of a song, jam packed with melody, riffs and great great vocals and it is a joint vocal. With a feel of New Wave Elvis Costello feel to the vocals, the second vocal is a tour de force from Lisa Mychols.

Mychols is noted for her Power Pop vocals and rightly so, but here a voice takes on a slightly different tone, more Pop Rock, Rock even, a little earthier maybe and it is an incredibly joyful addition that suits the song perfectly. The song is a tour de force. The album in no way hangs on this song, but it acts a great base to place everything around.

Sonnez les Matines is another song that arrives out of the blue, slightly Reggae, slightly Eastern and again chock full of ideas, Charlotte Guy adds awesome Backing Vocals. The song is done in a similar style to The Sun Said In 1/2. Compare that to Pipistrelle which is all New Wave Madness like and Driving Blind which is all 70s Classic Rock, a real wig out.

Ladybird is great late 60s fairy with a vocal that is a little Glam Rock, even shouty Roy Wood and even adds Wizard like Brass, The Persuaders has a real R and B mid 60s Bassline with a Bruce Foxton-ish Bass and works just as well as everything on the album does. 

Town Called Gone has a splendid Glam Rock instrumental track and a chorus to absolutely die for. Ladybird is wonderfully chaotic and Three More Years has a sort of Prog Riff accompanying wonderful Psych. Mychols returns on You Are My Atmosphere and sounds incredibly Kirsty MacColl and another inspired chorus and a jaw dropping Guitar solo.   

Let us talk about those choruses because many write them, but few offer the quality shown here. The album is built on the power and quality of these, they are wall to wall. You enjoy the verses and then the chorus just takes you up further.

The album is built around a theme of Gentleman Rogues, a theme well explained in the accompanying booklet. But this is no concept album, it is 12 individual songs with a loose thread. All those songs stand up on their own

Wonderfully, performed, arranged and produced, Gentlemen Thieves reveals mastery of the Art Of Songwriting and Variety. Emperor Penguin do get better and better, but I'm intrigued to know if they can follow this album. It is awe inspiring.

You can listen to and buy the album here. The CD is also available on the Kool Kat label here. You can find out more about the band here.


On The Runway - Tell Yourself It's Pretty


On The Runway's debut EP was a fine listen featuring some Jangle Pop, so I looked forward to the full length and I am not disappointed in any way. But the variety on display here goes far beyond the EP. You might expect that from Crash Into June main man Dave Norris, but this album is top notch. 

The Jangle is still around, especially on Consolation Prize which at times sounds more than a little Nick Piunti, but different avenues are taken elsewhere. House Is Not A Home is somewhere between 80s AOR and West Coast Country Pop.

Teenage Fanclub comparisons are generally lazy and misguided, but the standout This Charade could be them, it is definitely cut from the same stone. Yet Norris even enters 70s Pop Rock ballad territory with the easy listening and moodiness of The Way It Shouldn't Be. It has a particularly wonderful arrangement.

House Is Not Home has a similar pace, but is played in more of an IRS away. The pace is picked up on Stuck On You, again I'm reminded of Nick Piunti and melodic 80s Pop Rock. Set For Life is another cracker, incredibly melodic with some fantastic Guitar work and a killer chorus.

Lifeline bursts out of the blocks, picking up the pace around a killer riff and is probably the song that pushes This Charade closest. Bring Yourself rocks out the album, built around an absolutely killer riff and bringing an impressively melodic adventure to a close and still leaves you wanting more. The songs strays into Classic Rock splendidly.

A special mention must go out to Will Kimbrough whose guitar playing graces the album. Big Riffs, great solos that suit the songs but are never obvious, a great sidekick across the album. Someone who adds to the excellence of the songwriting.

This is great Pop Rock that pushes all the right buttons. I'm never sure about that genre label because it covers far too wide an area and includes a lot of maudlin stuff. Maybe we should call this Rock Pop, underlining the emphasis on the harmony and melody. Great arrangements. Great playing. Great Album!

You can listen to and buy the album here. Physical fans will be delighted to know that a CD Release can be pre-ordered from Kool Kat here.


Monday 29 January 2024

Listening To This Week Playlist

After all the excitement of the Best Of 2023, it is really pleasing to get back to normality. Even more of a delight to present these splendid 24 songs in what may be the best LTTW ever. This selection offers the usual great songs and is an essential listen.

There is no song preference in track order, just what we think flows.  I do hope that you can listen to all the songs across this week. The last listed is as great as the first and you have all week to listen. This weekly playlist is solely for submissions, not the usual stuff that we dig out ourselves. 

All embeds open in new windows to aid scrolling. Links to the artists will also appear on I Don't Hear A Single Social Media sites over the next 24 hours. This will help you to discover more about the artists who appear here. Thank you for supporting the new music from Indie artists.

Silent Forum - Yes Man

Escape Artists - Beatles For Sale

Midnight Empire - The Second Coming

Subterranean Street Society - Stop Trying

Bears In Trees - Things That Look Like Mistakes

Giant Killers - Around The Blocks 

FM Rodeo - Headache Song

The Shop Window - I Run

Jenny Pilots - Final Reel

Now or Ever - Choice Architecture

Robert Poss - Secrets, Chapter And Verse

Phreakers - Poison Centre

The Life Of Flobo - Miles Too Deep

Mythical Motors - Court Of The Beekeper

Royal Fools - Bats in the Attic  

The Hubbards - Hiding & Reading

Garvie - Boring

massie99 - Anika

Modern Hearts - Seconds Away

The Marra - Masterpiece

Still Corners - The Dream

Amateur Hockey Club - Love Each Other A Little

Eden Ariel - The Wheel

Neato - New Band Scene


Friday 26 January 2024

Thank You


Thank you so much for all the support of the Best Of 2023 posts. It has had a massive viewing and it is pleasing that the artists are getting such an engaged audience. The IDHAS Audio Extravaganza has also had the biggest following ever and that was a last minute thing. Hopefully those ace 16 songs (and artists) will get larger support and I know I caught the regulars by surprise with the return of Ulysses's Luke Smith. It was intended to do so.

The only downside to the Best Of is that it dominates the "Popular Posts" section on IDHAS for a bit too long and so can freeze out the upcoming 2024 Reviews for a while. Therefore you will see me on Social Media more until that corrects itself. Something I don't enjoy, but it important to keep the artists and the new in focus.

One thing I did note when compiling the Best Of was the Reviews since it was changed to not posting embeds with the review. It was done to encourage people to visit the artists and listen to the material rather than just staying on IDHAS. I'm not sure it works as the reviews do look a little too texty. So the three embeds will be returning, although I'm not sure if they will be the usual two paragraph gap or at the end of the review. I'm leaning towards the former. 

I'm currently having a break for a couple of days to listen to all this new stuff, but Reviews will return at some stage over the weekend. Thanks again everyone, you've all done very well.


Wednesday 24 January 2024

Various - I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Special


Now for the surprise that I trailed. After 2023 being the focus for the past week, we give 2024 a welcome with the revival of the I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza as a special. It features 16 fantastic new songs, the majority of which are Pre-Releases. On the strength of these songs, I suspect that this year promises to be splendid. 56 minutes of Audio Delight.

The Audio Extravaganza ended its run when Jim was busy in real life and we could no longer provide his audio expertise. It was re[laced by the IDHAS 10 Song Mix. This Special therefore hasn't got that mastering expertise, but it may very well be the best selection of songs that that series provided.

As an alternative this post will be edited tomorrow to include a paragraph on each artist. It will then be promoted and tagged on Social Media. So I would suggest Artists included hold back promoting the Mix until the write ups are included here.

Below is the playlist and a link to the mix. There is also a direct link to play the mix at the end of the post. This is a Special, not exactly a one off as we may do further occasional specials.

01 Luke Of Ulysses - Car Trouble

Ulysses were beloved to us here at I Don't Hear A Single and so the debut single from main man Luke Smith has created a lot of excitement. It is, as you might expect, a wonderful offering, a little more Pop than previously. Maybe even a slightly 80s feel rather than the Ulysses 70s joy. Ana absolute winner.

Facebook    Instagram

02 Gentlemen Rogues - Involuntary Solitary

Austin Texas quartet Gentlemen Rogues specialise in a brand of melodic Pop Rock with an edge. They are as likely to appeal to our audience, but also an edgier, slightly more intense fan following. Involuntary Solitary demonstrates this really well. Riffs and Hooks that grab you, but lyrically adept and even a vibe of IRS. This is a track for the new album, Surface Noise, that is released on 16 February. I can attest that upcoming album will be a favourite here. 

More Information.   Instagram

03 Late Cambrian - Cave My Head Full Of Dreams

An absolute stormer of a song and one half of a Double A Side that will be released on Bandcamp on the 1st February. Guitarist and Stand Up Comedian Dave Hill plays fantastic Guitar on this and it is exactly the sort of thing we love. Melodic Pop Rock that is very Fountains Of Wayne at times.This has been stuck in my head for days. It is accompanied by Late Bloomer which is slower and gentler, but just as effective and features a blistering Guitar Solo from Wheatus's Brendan Brown. 


04 Jenny Pilots - The Sweet And The Sad

Mark Nuzzi and Joe Furnari were founding members of Soul Engines and that sound is more than present here. A mixture of Power Pop and Classic Rock with hints of Americana that is right up our street. We like them so much that a further song will be appear on next week's Listening To This Week. 

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05 The Blindfolded SeaMonkeys - Lion In My Backyard

Hartville's Matt Denham is The Blindfolded SeaMonkeys and this was a really pleasant surprise. Very melodic whilst also very quirky with a bonkers chorus that will have you singing along. Indie Rock, but with a Psych Pop slant and a wonderful Guitar outro. Matt gave up the Guitar for 10 years before deciding to set up his home studio Here is the first of those results and really impressive for a debut release. The song is about a cat which is even more intriguing. 

Instagram  More Links To Follow

06 On The Runway - This Charade

Dave Norris is the Lead Singer and Guitarist of Crash Into June which many of you may be familiar with. He is also the key part of On The Runway and this is an advance release from the upcoming album, Tell Yourself It's Pretty. The album is released on 2 February with a CD Release on Kool Kat coming on the 16th. This Charade is wonderful Pop Rock and gives you an indication of the treats that you are in store for very soon.

Bandcamp   Facebook   Instagram   Kool Kat

07 Stanmore - HMS Friendship

Great Pop Rock from the UK and that is something that we don't see (or hear) regularly enough. This will be the second single from the band, following the debut, Waiting. Whereas Waiting was very much in Fleetwood Mac territory, there is far more pace to HMS Friendship. The song races along and is built around a big melodic riff.  The shared male female harmonies work really well too. A great listen that will be enjoyed by IDHAS followers.

Links     Instagram

08 Stinkus - Not Like Dying

Something new to us, but we were well impressed. Tyler moved from Production and Writing to stepping out on his own and Stinkus is the first time that he has sang lead vocals. Initially a brooding melancholic vibe that showcases the gentle voice with a melodic soothing sound that builds into a big crashing Pop Rock close. He plays everything instrument himself. A full album is available in April and you can pre-save the song on the streaming sites.

Links          Instagram

09 The Phantom Six - Every Day's A Revolution

A cracking slice of Psych Pop with the title track from the latest album from Morgantown West Virginia's The Phantom Six. You would expect the wonderful Psych Pop, but this adds more than a touch of UK Beat and an unexpected refrain. As many of you know, we love Psych, particularly the poppier end and this pushes all the buttons.

Bandcamp      Facebook     

10 Tamar Berk - Permanent Vacation

Fresh from her No 16 slot in our Best 100 Albums Of 2023 with her album tiny injuries. Permanent Vacation shows a slightly more laid back vocal from Tamar Berk. The arrangement is stellar adding a healthy Jangle and a splendid Brass arrangement. 

Bandcamp      Facebook      Instagram

11 Barely Awake - Check Yes, Juliet

Jake Roberts is Barely Awake and although gaining followers at a rapid pace, he has chosen a cover for his next release. We rarely choose covers, but as fans of We Were Kings, we liked the song and this is a great version of it. Less in your face than the WWK version,  this allows you to hear the quality of the song to shine through and therefore the artist. This sounds more melodic and less kitchen sink and even edges toward a melodic Pop Punk at times.

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12 The Survival Code - Random Faces

London's The Survival Code cross genres well, but are essentially Indie Rock, but great Indie Rock. Random Faces is a good example of their ability to move around and reveals a versatility that fits easily into the current Revival of the Guitar, but also crosses over towards the edges of Hard Melodic Rock and even to approach Muse territory. A good introduction to the new album, Whispers Of Woe, that is released tomorrow.

Soundcloud    Links    Facebook   Instagram

13 The Uppers - Madam Please

Great anthemic Punk from St Louis with this track from the excellent Manic Melodies EP. Madam Please also has big hints of UK Glam Rock, particularly in the rousing chorus. Available on the excellent Wanda Records and there is a limited 7" Vinyl version of The Ep, a format that suits the release perfectly.

Bandcamp    Facebook    Instagram  

14 St Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - Golden Parachuter

IDHAS are great admirers of Stockholm's St Jimi Sebastian Club and here is another cracking single from them. It has the usual "all together now" singalong chorus that marks the band out. The song itself is a cracking mix of New Wave, Brit Pop and Indie Rock that is as charming as ever.

Website       Facebook      Instagram

15 Pulse Park - Briars

Dortmund Trio, Pulse Park follow up their excellent 2022 album, Phonac Music, with the first release of follow up material. Briars is great Indie Pop Rock with a style that is equally suited to what is going on in both the UK and US scene presently. At times, Briars sounds like a pacier Feeder, but also is not a million miles away from Nada Surf. Melodic and extremely catchy, the song is an absolute winner.

Website      Links      Facebook     Instagram

16 Jonny Swift - Camelot

A song about the darker side of Theme Parks, also revealing a darker side of Jonny Swift's music. Very melancholic, touches of The Fall and an unusually 80s Indie from him that even catches the edge of Darkwave. Incidentally, I used to take my kids to the Camelot Theme Park that Jonny refers too. Closed now, it resembles the haunted village from hell.

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I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Special


Tuesday 23 January 2024

I Don't Hear A Single Top 20 EPs Of 2023


2023 is brought to a close with The Top 20 EPs Of The Year. There may be more 2023 releases covered in the early part of 2024, but as for the ramped up Social Media and Countdowns, they all end here. For each EP a song is embedded from the release and a link is provided to the IDHAS Review where you can find further details and how to listen or buy the EP.

1 Svenssen - Falling Out Of Fashion     IDHAS REVIEW

2 Half Catholic - Art In Heaven     IDHAS REVIEW

3 The Chase - Bonzo Bonanza     IDHAS REVIEW

4 Pretty - Citrus Magic    IDHAS REVIEW

5 Jonesy - Doppelgangbangers    IDHAS REVIEW

6 Leon In The Wild - Leon In The Wild     IDHAS REVIEW

7 Movie Jail - Movie Jail   IDHAS REVIEW

8 Råttanson - Trebled Region     IDHAS REVIEW

9 The Popguns - Popism     IDHAS REVIEW

10 Bitter Defeat - Terrific Effort    IDHAS REVIEW

11 Fuzziliers - Would You Believe     IDHAS REVIEW

12 Mansfield - Come Rain Or Shine     IDHAS REVIEW

13 The Vapour Trails - On A Beautiful Day     IDHAS REVIEW

14 Gizmo - Buddy System    IDHAS REVIEW

15 Finn's Motel - Last Year's Leaves      IDHAS REVIEW

16 Rick Kingo - The Truths, The Lies, The Lot    IDHAS REVIEW

17 Dennis Davison - Creaturefeature       IDHAS REVIEW

18 Carl Green In Particular - Off Balance       IDHAS REVIEW

19 Shangri-Lass - Over & Over      IDHAS REVIEW

20 Modern Rituals - Razed      IDHAS REVIEW


Best Of 2023 : Three More Winners


Single Artist Compilation Of The Year :     IDHAS Review

Dot Dash - 16 Again

Various Artists Compilation Of The Year :      IDHAS Review

Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More - A Sprinkle Of Summer Fun

Single Of The Year        IDHAS Review

The Len Price 3 = The Grass Is Always Greener


Monday 22 January 2024

I Don't Hear A Single Top 100 Albums Of 2023 : The Cut Out And Keep List


This summarises the I Don't Hear A Single selections. The groups of 10 countdowns are below enabling you to read the IDHAS Review of the album and listen to a track from each.

01 Mythical Motors - The Sunrise Registry

02 Odd Robot - Deathmates

03 Buddie - Agitator

04 Shplang - Thank You, Valued Customer

05 The Dumbanimals - Thrift Pop

06 The Telepathic Butterflies - Plan B

07 The Mommyheads - Coney Island Kid

08 Onesie - Liminal Hiss

09 Equipment - Alt. Account

10 Wurld Series - The Giant's Lawn

11 Thomas Walsh - The Rest Is History

12 Chris Church - Radio Transient

13 Armchair Oracles - Nothingeveris

14 Eyelids - A Colossal Waste Of Light

15 The Anderson Council - The Devil The Tower The Star Moon

16 Tamar Berk - tiny injuries

17 Smug Brothers - In The Book Of Bad Ideas

18 Odds - Crash The Time Machine

19 Mothboxer - Breathe

20 King Black Acid - The Rainbow Lodge

21 Portable Radio - Counting To Three

22 The Make Three - You, Me & The Make Three

23 Andy Bopp - Tower City Vol. 1

24 Kicking Bird - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

25 Lomma - Torrey Pines

26 The Supernaturals - It Only Gets Worse

27 KC Bowman - Crushes Of Context

28 Hoagie - Other Folks

29 Mason Lowe - Morning People

30 Strange Neighbors - Party Of None

31 The Foreign Films - Magic Shadows

32 Blueburst - Significance

33 Dolph Chaney - Mug

34 Somerdale - Let's Get Started

35 The Projectors - The Projectors

36 The Midnight Callers - Rattled Humming Heart

37 True Stars - True Stars

38 Local Drags - Mess Of Everything

39 Real Tears - Whipped Dreams

40 The Reverberations - Half Remembered Dreams

41 Soft Hearted Scientists - Waltz of the Weekend

42 The Rallies - It Must Be Love

43 Sunfruits - One Degree

44 Real Terms - Vantage

45 Papernut Cambridge - Channel Suite

46 The High Strung - Address Unknown

47 French Alps Tiger - Switch Off All The Time

48 Dead Billionaires - Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book

49 Swive - Stereophonic Stylings Volume One

50 The Kynd - Timelines

51 This Day In History - Years Of Wear & Tear 

52 the black watch - future strangers

53 Rinehearts - Full Bloom

54 The On And Ons - Let Ya Hair Down

55 Cherry Fez - Honeycomb Tearoom 

56 The Whiffs - Scratch 'N' Sniff

57 Lane Steinberg - Headspace

58 Mo Troper - Troper Sings Brion

59 Trademark Issues - 601 Deluxe

60 Pacific Avenue - Flowers

61 The Lunar Laugh - In The Black

62 Cult Figures - Between Us And Heaven

63 Vanity Tapes - Hiatus

64 Sandra's Wedding - The Hopeful Boy Replacement Service

65 Star Collector - Attack, Sustain, Decay... Repeat

66 The Smivets - How We Fade

67 Stephen Lawrenson - Chants Of A Lifetime

68 Dropkick - The Wireless Revolution

69 Missilkid - Missilkid

70 Alex Lahey - The Answer Is Always Yes

71 It's Karma It's Cool - Thrift Store Troubadours

72 Phantom Note - Out Of The Shadows 

73 Bennett Wilson Poole - I Saw A Star Behind Your Eyes, Don't Let It Die Away

74 Inner Circle Club - Do-It-Yourself Propaganda

75 Doctor Mother Father - Feelin' Fine

76 Billy Tibbals - Stay Teenage

77 Bottlecap Mountain - O! Fantastik Melancholy

78 Jonny Swift - Kalimera

79 The Housing Crisis - Astral Apartments

80 Bone Apple Tea - Bone Apple Tea

81 Paul McCann - Alter Ego

82 Ex Norwegian - Sooo Extra

83 Poppy Robbie - Neighborhood Beautification Commission

84 The World Famous - Totally Famous

85 Nick Bertling - Process And Contact

86 Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam - Mortuary Pantomime

87 Vanilla - Vanilla 77

88 Silver Car Crash - Shattered Shine

89 The Bouncing Souls - Ten Stories High

90 Hurry - Don't Look Back

91 The Sugar - Somewhere To Go

92 Turnstyle - Citizen's Handbook

93 Super Cassette - Continue?

94 John Dunbar - What A Difference Indifference Makes

95 Sprinter - Sprinter

96 Scott Gagner - Reverse

97 Vast Robot Armies - The What Gallery

98 Curling - No Guitar

99 Jumbo Chords - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

100 Mighty Dan Gerous - Everybody Needs A Hero


Listening To This Week Playlist

Welcome to another LTTW Playlist. Another splendid 29 songs this week. I've only managed to turn my attention to this week's Best 100 Albums activity and I was a little gobsmacked at the quality and variety of the songs as I compiled selections. 

There is no song preference in track order, just what we think flows.  I do hope that you can listen to all the songs across this week. The last listed is as great as the first and you have all week to listen. This weekly playlist is solely for submissions, not the usual stuff that we dig out ourselves. 

All embeds open in new windows to aid scrolling. Links to the artists will also appear on I Don't Hear A Single Social Media sites over the next 24 hours. This will help you to discover more about the artists who appear here. Thank you for supporting the new music from Indie artists.

Goldy Head - Dada At The MoMA

Hanemoon - My Circle Line

Lunison - Name 3 Songs

Christopher J. Neiles - Navigator

Linger - Rat King Pt. 2 (Strasbourg 1518)

Teacup Universe - The Opera of Dreams

Faraways SWE - Ruby Ring Of Love

Nothing But A Nightmare - The Old Days

Weekends - Royal Gum

The Bad Actors - Nothing Comes To Mind

Got Got Need - Final Day

Warm Coat - Never Thought

LX SKIM - Love You In Silence

Sharper Side - She Said So

Pink Chameleons - Colors Seem To Fade

Adam Sultan - The Great Divide      


Bikini Carwash - Comrade V

Nepal Death - She Demon (The Exorcism Of The Rakshasi)

Jane's Party - Common Guys

Ships Have Sailed - Find My Way

The Beer Band - First Times

Ski Lift - Double Yellow

something in the lake - Daylight

Funkuncle - Out Of Step With The World

Sick Ride - CLUE

Roger Mindwater and the Fresh Portals - My Brain Is Glued

Hyperchicken - Bleeding Hearts

Linn Koch-Emmer - Ebay Armour

Klangstrum - Lose My Cool


Sunday 21 January 2024

I Don't Hear A Single Albums Of The Year 2023 : Top 10


For the last few years We have compiled annual Best Of 's because these posts seem so popular and the aim of this Blog is to get exposure (and Sales) for the artists. A reminder that anything reviewed on I Don't Hear A Single is highly recommended. 

Narrowing things down to this 100 has been really difficult. The countdown is posted in reverse batches of 10. For each album, a song is embedded from the album and a link is provided to the IDHAS Review where you can find further details and how to listen or buy the album.

We reach the Top 10 conclusion. Tomorrow will feature the cut out and keep guide with a list of all 100 albums. EPs will be covered on Tuesday.

1 Mythical Motors - The Sunrise Registry      IDHAS Review

2 Odd Robot - Deathmates        IDHAS Review

3 Buddie - Agitator      IDHAS Review

4 Shplang - Thank You, Valued Customer      IDHAS Review

5 The Dumbanimals - Thrift Pop      IDHAS Review

6 The Telepathic Butterflies - Plan B      IDHAS Review

7 The Mommyheads - Coney Island Kid      IDHAS Review

8 Onesie - Liminal Hiss      IDHAS Review

9 Equipment - Alt. Account     IDHAS Review 

10 Wurld Series - The Giant's Lawn      IDHAS Review


I Don't Hear A Single Albums Of The Year 2023 : 11 - 20


For the last few years We have compiled annual Best Of 's because these posts seem so popular and the aim of this Blog is to get exposure (and Sales) for the artists. A reminder that anything reviewed on I Don't Hear A Single is highly recommended. 

Narrowing things down to this 100 has been really difficult. The countdown is posted in reverse batches of 10. For each album, a song is embedded from the album and a link is provided to the IDHAS Review where you can find further details and how to listen or buy the album

11 Thomas Walsh - The Rest Is History      IDHAS Review

12 Chris Church - Radio Transient      IDHAS Review

13 Armchair Oracles - Nothingeveris      IDHAS Review

14 Eyelids - A Colossal Waste Of Light      IDHAS Review

15 The Anderson Council - The Devil The Tower The Star Moon      IDHAS Review

16 Tamar Berk - tiny injuries      IDHAS Review

17 Smug Brothers - In The Book Of Bad Ideas      IDHAS Review

18 Odds - Crash The Time Machine      IDHAS Review

19 Mothboxer - Breathe      IDHAS Review

20 King Black Acid - The Rainbow Lodge      IDHAS Review