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Monday 22 January 2024

Listening To This Week Playlist

Welcome to another LTTW Playlist. Another splendid 29 songs this week. I've only managed to turn my attention to this week's Best 100 Albums activity and I was a little gobsmacked at the quality and variety of the songs as I compiled selections. 

There is no song preference in track order, just what we think flows.  I do hope that you can listen to all the songs across this week. The last listed is as great as the first and you have all week to listen. This weekly playlist is solely for submissions, not the usual stuff that we dig out ourselves. 

All embeds open in new windows to aid scrolling. Links to the artists will also appear on I Don't Hear A Single Social Media sites over the next 24 hours. This will help you to discover more about the artists who appear here. Thank you for supporting the new music from Indie artists.

Goldy Head - Dada At The MoMA

Hanemoon - My Circle Line

Lunison - Name 3 Songs

Christopher J. Neiles - Navigator

Linger - Rat King Pt. 2 (Strasbourg 1518)

Teacup Universe - The Opera of Dreams

Faraways SWE - Ruby Ring Of Love

Nothing But A Nightmare - The Old Days

Weekends - Royal Gum

The Bad Actors - Nothing Comes To Mind

Got Got Need - Final Day

Warm Coat - Never Thought

LX SKIM - Love You In Silence

Sharper Side - She Said So

Pink Chameleons - Colors Seem To Fade

Adam Sultan - The Great Divide      


Bikini Carwash - Comrade V

Nepal Death - She Demon (The Exorcism Of The Rakshasi)

Jane's Party - Common Guys

Ships Have Sailed - Find My Way

The Beer Band - First Times

Ski Lift - Double Yellow

something in the lake - Daylight

Funkuncle - Out Of Step With The World

Sick Ride - CLUE

Roger Mindwater and the Fresh Portals - My Brain Is Glued

Hyperchicken - Bleeding Hearts

Linn Koch-Emmer - Ebay Armour

Klangstrum - Lose My Cool


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