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Wednesday 24 January 2024

Various - I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Special


Now for the surprise that I trailed. After 2023 being the focus for the past week, we give 2024 a welcome with the revival of the I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza as a special. It features 16 fantastic new songs, the majority of which are Pre-Releases. On the strength of these songs, I suspect that this year promises to be splendid. 56 minutes of Audio Delight.

The Audio Extravaganza ended its run when Jim was busy in real life and we could no longer provide his audio expertise. It was re[laced by the IDHAS 10 Song Mix. This Special therefore hasn't got that mastering expertise, but it may very well be the best selection of songs that that series provided.

As an alternative this post will be edited tomorrow to include a paragraph on each artist. It will then be promoted and tagged on Social Media. So I would suggest Artists included hold back promoting the Mix until the write ups are included here.

Below is the playlist and a link to the mix. There is also a direct link to play the mix at the end of the post. This is a Special, not exactly a one off as we may do further occasional specials.

01 Luke Of Ulysses - Car Trouble

Ulysses were beloved to us here at I Don't Hear A Single and so the debut single from main man Luke Smith has created a lot of excitement. It is, as you might expect, a wonderful offering, a little more Pop than previously. Maybe even a slightly 80s feel rather than the Ulysses 70s joy. Ana absolute winner.

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02 Gentlemen Rogues - Involuntary Solitary

Austin Texas quartet Gentlemen Rogues specialise in a brand of melodic Pop Rock with an edge. They are as likely to appeal to our audience, but also an edgier, slightly more intense fan following. Involuntary Solitary demonstrates this really well. Riffs and Hooks that grab you, but lyrically adept and even a vibe of IRS. This is a track for the new album, Surface Noise, that is released on 16 February. I can attest that upcoming album will be a favourite here. 

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03 Late Cambrian - Cave My Head Full Of Dreams

An absolute stormer of a song and one half of a Double A Side that will be released on Bandcamp on the 1st February. Guitarist and Stand Up Comedian Dave Hill plays fantastic Guitar on this and it is exactly the sort of thing we love. Melodic Pop Rock that is very Fountains Of Wayne at times.This has been stuck in my head for days. It is accompanied by Late Bloomer which is slower and gentler, but just as effective and features a blistering Guitar Solo from Wheatus's Brendan Brown. 


04 Jenny Pilots - The Sweet And The Sad

Mark Nuzzi and Joe Furnari were founding members of Soul Engines and that sound is more than present here. A mixture of Power Pop and Classic Rock with hints of Americana that is right up our street. We like them so much that a further song will be appear on next week's Listening To This Week. 

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05 The Blindfolded SeaMonkeys - Lion In My Backyard

Hartville's Matt Denham is The Blindfolded SeaMonkeys and this was a really pleasant surprise. Very melodic whilst also very quirky with a bonkers chorus that will have you singing along. Indie Rock, but with a Psych Pop slant and a wonderful Guitar outro. Matt gave up the Guitar for 10 years before deciding to set up his home studio Here is the first of those results and really impressive for a debut release. The song is about a cat which is even more intriguing. 

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06 On The Runway - This Charade

Dave Norris is the Lead Singer and Guitarist of Crash Into June which many of you may be familiar with. He is also the key part of On The Runway and this is an advance release from the upcoming album, Tell Yourself It's Pretty. The album is released on 2 February with a CD Release on Kool Kat coming on the 16th. This Charade is wonderful Pop Rock and gives you an indication of the treats that you are in store for very soon.

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07 Stanmore - HMS Friendship

Great Pop Rock from the UK and that is something that we don't see (or hear) regularly enough. This will be the second single from the band, following the debut, Waiting. Whereas Waiting was very much in Fleetwood Mac territory, there is far more pace to HMS Friendship. The song races along and is built around a big melodic riff.  The shared male female harmonies work really well too. A great listen that will be enjoyed by IDHAS followers.

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08 Stinkus - Not Like Dying

Something new to us, but we were well impressed. Tyler moved from Production and Writing to stepping out on his own and Stinkus is the first time that he has sang lead vocals. Initially a brooding melancholic vibe that showcases the gentle voice with a melodic soothing sound that builds into a big crashing Pop Rock close. He plays everything instrument himself. A full album is available in April and you can pre-save the song on the streaming sites.

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09 The Phantom Six - Every Day's A Revolution

A cracking slice of Psych Pop with the title track from the latest album from Morgantown West Virginia's The Phantom Six. You would expect the wonderful Psych Pop, but this adds more than a touch of UK Beat and an unexpected refrain. As many of you know, we love Psych, particularly the poppier end and this pushes all the buttons.

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10 Tamar Berk - Permanent Vacation

Fresh from her No 16 slot in our Best 100 Albums Of 2023 with her album tiny injuries. Permanent Vacation shows a slightly more laid back vocal from Tamar Berk. The arrangement is stellar adding a healthy Jangle and a splendid Brass arrangement. 

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11 Barely Awake - Check Yes, Juliet

Jake Roberts is Barely Awake and although gaining followers at a rapid pace, he has chosen a cover for his next release. We rarely choose covers, but as fans of We Were Kings, we liked the song and this is a great version of it. Less in your face than the WWK version,  this allows you to hear the quality of the song to shine through and therefore the artist. This sounds more melodic and less kitchen sink and even edges toward a melodic Pop Punk at times.

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12 The Survival Code - Random Faces

London's The Survival Code cross genres well, but are essentially Indie Rock, but great Indie Rock. Random Faces is a good example of their ability to move around and reveals a versatility that fits easily into the current Revival of the Guitar, but also crosses over towards the edges of Hard Melodic Rock and even to approach Muse territory. A good introduction to the new album, Whispers Of Woe, that is released tomorrow.

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13 The Uppers - Madam Please

Great anthemic Punk from St Louis with this track from the excellent Manic Melodies EP. Madam Please also has big hints of UK Glam Rock, particularly in the rousing chorus. Available on the excellent Wanda Records and there is a limited 7" Vinyl version of The Ep, a format that suits the release perfectly.

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14 St Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - Golden Parachuter

IDHAS are great admirers of Stockholm's St Jimi Sebastian Club and here is another cracking single from them. It has the usual "all together now" singalong chorus that marks the band out. The song itself is a cracking mix of New Wave, Brit Pop and Indie Rock that is as charming as ever.

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15 Pulse Park - Briars

Dortmund Trio, Pulse Park follow up their excellent 2022 album, Phonac Music, with the first release of follow up material. Briars is great Indie Pop Rock with a style that is equally suited to what is going on in both the UK and US scene presently. At times, Briars sounds like a pacier Feeder, but also is not a million miles away from Nada Surf. Melodic and extremely catchy, the song is an absolute winner.

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16 Jonny Swift - Camelot

A song about the darker side of Theme Parks, also revealing a darker side of Jonny Swift's music. Very melancholic, touches of The Fall and an unusually 80s Indie from him that even catches the edge of Darkwave. Incidentally, I used to take my kids to the Camelot Theme Park that Jonny refers too. Closed now, it resembles the haunted village from hell.

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I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Special


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  1. Woohoo what a mix. At this rate ‘24 is going to be a belter!