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Tuesday 30 January 2024

On The Runway - Tell Yourself It's Pretty


On The Runway's debut EP was a fine listen featuring some Jangle Pop, so I looked forward to the full length and I am not disappointed in any way. But the variety on display here goes far beyond the EP. You might expect that from Crash Into June main man Dave Norris, but this album is top notch. 

The Jangle is still around, especially on Consolation Prize which at times sounds more than a little Nick Piunti, but different avenues are taken elsewhere. House Is Not A Home is somewhere between 80s AOR and West Coast Country Pop.

Teenage Fanclub comparisons are generally lazy and misguided, but the standout This Charade could be them, it is definitely cut from the same stone. Yet Norris even enters 70s Pop Rock ballad territory with the easy listening and moodiness of The Way It Shouldn't Be. It has a particularly wonderful arrangement.

House Is Not Home has a similar pace, but is played in more of an IRS away. The pace is picked up on Stuck On You, again I'm reminded of Nick Piunti and melodic 80s Pop Rock. Set For Life is another cracker, incredibly melodic with some fantastic Guitar work and a killer chorus.

Lifeline bursts out of the blocks, picking up the pace around a killer riff and is probably the song that pushes This Charade closest. Bring Yourself rocks out the album, built around an absolutely killer riff and bringing an impressively melodic adventure to a close and still leaves you wanting more. The songs strays into Classic Rock splendidly.

A special mention must go out to Will Kimbrough whose guitar playing graces the album. Big Riffs, great solos that suit the songs but are never obvious, a great sidekick across the album. Someone who adds to the excellence of the songwriting.

This is great Pop Rock that pushes all the right buttons. I'm never sure about that genre label because it covers far too wide an area and includes a lot of maudlin stuff. Maybe we should call this Rock Pop, underlining the emphasis on the harmony and melody. Great arrangements. Great playing. Great Album!

You can listen to and buy the album here. Physical fans will be delighted to know that a CD Release can be pre-ordered from Kool Kat here.


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