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Sunday, 1 August 2021

Thank You Everyone!


Thank you to all you readers (and listeners) for an amazing July. July was a record month with 38,369 hits on I Don't Hear A Single. Not bad for a site that concentrates on new and under appreciated Pop Rock. A real answer to those who say that there is no audience for new music 

The surprising thing is that we have been less active publicly in July than planned due to be. This is largely due to being busy resurrecting post lockdown plans for I Don't Hear A Single. We wanted far more reviews up, because we are way behind and will remedy that in August. 

There's also a couple of new things planned for August which you'll see here in subsequent weeks, including a Singles Club. IDHAS has consistently grown over the past five years, but these past few months it seems to have gone ballistic. 

We are thrilled, but put that success down to the musicians. The site is only as good as the music that it recommends, so has always everything is down to the musicians. Something that too many forget.


The Morning Line - Yard Sale EP (Name Your Price)


The Morning Line's North album was in IDHAS's Best Albums of 2019, Yard Sale is something a little different to that, being a a six song collection of demos and outtakes. That shouldn't put you off though as this shows different sides of Stephen Smith's lot.

 Being at Name Your Price on Bandcamp means everyone can delve into Yard Sale and I'd recommend that you do. The songs range from 2004 - 2020, all mixed or remixed. Even such a short selection reveals the strength of the band.

North was an album that felt very Matthew Sweet and I Can't Say is really the only thing that sounds similar. No surprise then that this was an outtake from the album that appeared on 2019's International Pop Overthrow compilation. 

The original version of Los Angeles appeared on the 2008 album, Smoke, but this is a much better mix, bringing out the REM similarity out more. It is a cracking slice of College Indie Guitar Rock. In Love With Your Blog is from 2007 and supposedly a throwaway comedy song, trust me it is far more than that.

There's an unusual tongue in cheek, slightly venemous feel to the lyric which suits the music and pace beautifully. I think many know that I generally don't see the point of the forced jollity on Christmas songs, but Santa's Song has a bitterness replacing the usual sleigh bell jingling. There is a splendid jangle feel to the song with a fine solo.

Straight Lines is much looser. very Glasgow at the turn of the Indie Guitar 80's. It reminds me a lot of the more recent Vapour Trails than something from 2004. Those who like this should really track back through The Morning Line's back catalogue. This EP though is a fine introduction to a wonderful band.

You can listen to and grab the album here.


Thursday, 29 July 2021

Sexy Sadie - Butterflies (Remastered)


Anything Should Happen used to major on great lost albums whilst IDHAS concentrates on the new and under-appreciated, Here's an opportunity to serve both camps with the remaster of Butterflies as a double vinyl LP with 5 Bonus Tracks.

Pop Rock had a major revival in the Nineties in both the UK and USA helped by labels like Not Lame in the States and Brit Pop over here. But often we forget about the European influence and in particular, Spain. Sexy Sadie were signed to the superb Spanish label, Subterfuge and it is Subterfuge that are responsible for this offering.

Butterflies was the fifth album from the Majorcan quartet and is probably their best album. The band aren't afraid to stretch out. Crawling Man edges towards Radiohead and Good Day is all Sitar and somewhere between The Beatles and Kula Shaker. Burn Slow is a mix of Ian Broudie and Per Gessle.

It is the big numbers that will grab most. I Don't Know is a big College Rock affair and Sadies Insane has a killer riff and hints at big Rock until the pop laden chorus. Someone Like You is moodier, a bit Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, with its Alt Rock Chorus. Five unreleased demos add to the enjoyment too.

You can but the double disc at Subterfuge's shop here. You may also want to purchase the band's back catalogue on CD as it is available at bargain prices here.


Wednesday, 28 July 2021

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 2

Because we don't write about singles and individual songs, I wanted to utilise something simple to mention songs that we like. Hence the Ten Songs Mix thing which will appear weekly. Ten new songs in just over 32 minutes.

Last week's debut mix reached No 14 in the Mixcloud Global Indie Pop Chart. This week's Mixcloud link is below and at the foot of the page is the Mixcloud Player which takes you directly to the music. Here is the playlist of the ten songs this week.

01 Real Sickies - Hold On Baby

02 Wavves - Help Is On The Way

03 Sister Joan - I'll Be Your Life

04 Underwater Sunshine - Honey Glazed

05 Novelty Island - Michael Afternoon

06 Kerosene Stars - Where Have You Been

07 Groovy Uncle - Jimmy Joined A Gym

08 Rinehearts - One Thing One Time

09 All Over The Shop - Movin' Too Slow

10 Dan Markell - Carnival Game

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 2


Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Real Sickies - Love Is For Lovers


Edmonton six piece Real Sickies really deserve a wider acclaim and this, their fourth album, might just do it. What is underlined here is the difference between the UK and US definition of Punk. Most US Reviews will have Love Is The Lovers as punk, here in the UK we look at this more as rocked up Power Pop.

We don't really think of The Ramones as Punk, more New Wave Garage Rock and that Ramones comparison can be a millstone. Yes, there are 14 songs in 35 minutes and there is great pace in all that the band do, that is really where the comparison ends. There is far far more to Real Sickies than just heads down and go.

The band are far more melodic than you'd imagine, you can actually tell what's being sung and the six piece adds greater variation with the liberal sprinkling of Organ added at times and they can get Indie Rock muscular, particularly on Queen Of Hearts which closes with a metal solo. If you want The Ramones, go to Rumbar, Real Sickies are far more interesting.

Hold On Baby is a great example of what they do, all Glam Rock with additional rock and roll piano and a killer guitar solo, it is an absolute joy to listen to. Keeping up the Glam content, there is a cover of T.Rex's Jeepster which although not essential, is really rocked up.

Destructive Nights is a fantastic slice of Power Pop, as catchy as catchy can be. Least Favourite OF Mine just has you shaking your fist, it is 100mph and that solo.............. Give and Take is even built around a Steve Nieve like Farfisa run. Don't expect the tempo to slow or any ballads, not that you'd want it to.

Canada should be really proud of this lot. Love Is A Lovers is an album that you just don't want to stop. It rattles your cage, has you playing air guitar and belting out the choruses. Real Sickies aren't The Ramones, they stretch out way too much. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


Wavves - Hideaway


I'm a long time Wavves fan. However, I've never covered them on I Don't Hear A Single simply because they don't fit with the new or under-appreciated tag. Hideaway is the San Diego quartet's eighth album and it could very well be their best.

I came to realise that many IDHAS followers won't know of them and felt that Hideaway was a must listen for the Blog Followers. The band's reputation for Beach and Surf has always hidden exactly what they are about and this album is the most varied yet.

There is a real variety to the these nine songs. Nathan Williams has never been a stranger to the surprise element. Alt Rock and Pop Punk are just some of the directions taken, but here he sounds much more grown up and happy to bathe in all his influences. 

The opening three songs are top notch Guitar Pop Rock. Thru Hell is great UK New Wave, Hideaway is all 90's College Alt Rock and Help Is On The Way has an absolutely killer chorus. But this pace and noise isn't that available elsewhere.

The Blame is a Countrified version of say, The Monkees. It's jaunty without ever being yee haw and Planting A Garden nears Psych Pop before breaking into something Posies like on the chorus. Marine Life is Power Pop that edges towards early 60's beat. Honeycomb even comes across up as popped up Doo Wop.

Whilst Sinking Feeling is the reminder of Surf with a killer riff, the chorus is the poppiest that Wavves get. Caviar, the closer, is the weirdest thing here, it is like three or four songs in one, It reminds me of The Orgone Box at times, at others something much more mainstream. Hideaway is a cracker of a listen. Highly recommended!

You can listen to and buy the album here


Wednesday, 21 July 2021

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 1

As many of you will know, the IDHAS Audio Extravaganza is currently on hold. This is simply due to how hectic our work lives are. We do hope it will return in the future, but I Don't Hear A Single has gone ballistic and is so far behind on reviews at present.

Because we don't write about singles and individual songs, I wanted to utilise something simple to mention songs that we like. Hence the Ten Songs Mix thing which will appear weekly. It is put together by me using basic software, so it does lack Jim's professionalism, but it had to be something that I could put together quickly each week. 

This is the pilot, so there is the audio software brief intro at the beginning. It is one track, but |I've left a two second gap between each song so that the artist and song are easily noted. This will allow intros to be added in the future if needed.

My thoughts were that ten songs would be enough for our busy lives. Then only 35 minutes are taken up. But we would love your feedback, rather than be shouting at clouds. Do you like / dislike the idea, can it be improved, is it something you'd enjoy? The Mixcloud link is below and at the foot of the page is the Mixcloud Player which takes you directly to the music.

Here is the playlist of the ten songs this week.

01 Quivers - Gutters Of Love

02 Chris Catalyst - King Of Everything

03 The Wry Dogs - Pigs Might Fly

04 The James Clark Institute - Selfish Portrait

05 Lost Ships - Weight Of The World

06 Iain Hornal - Everybody Else

07 The Mono Lps - Hell Save My Soul

08 Drew Beskin - Double Dipper

09 Automatics - Shine Everlasting

10 Crosstalk Club - Psychic Girlfriend

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 1