Wednesday, 21 August 2019

I Don't Hear A Single Facebook Page

Just a quick note that an IDHAS Facebook page has been set up and from the weekend, all Facebook Promo from the Blog will go from there. That will separate my own Facebook Page, which isn't Public, from I Don't Hear A Single.

People have asked for a standalone page for a while and I've always resisted, thinking what's the point. We have the Facebook Group, but that's more of a collective for the community than a stand alone thing. My own Facebook page was constantly hitting the 5,000 limit.

You can follow IDHAS on Facebook at or by typing @idonthearasingle. At the weekend, I will remove my Facebook page from the Blog Info here and replace it with the group page. You may also get a like request for the new Blog Page.

This will allow Facebook Friends to have IDHAS separated out somewhat and so we can keep up current topics of Hipsters, What Is Power Pop, Is it Boss and Top Tips in the usual hilarious manner. The I Don't Hear A Single Facebook Group continues as it always was.

Last night, I went through the mind numbing process of deleting Deactivated Facebook Friends, so there's now 80 or so spaces for anyone who wants to friend request and join in the fun.

These announcements seem so po faced and up myself that I'll try and hold them off. The next one should be in a month or so to tell you about the new IDHAS label, saw the potential website today and it's ace and the pilots are being recorded for the new talky radio show,

Friday, 16 August 2019

I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Volume 77

After all the misty eyes remembering the better bit of Brit Pop last time, we return to normality with Volume 77. We look to regain our Mixcloud Global Indie  Chart spot and with that in mind, the extra week's prep has helped enormously.

It's a monster set this time round. 24 Extra-ordinarily fine selections. The playlist is below and will also be in the comments section of the Mixcloud page. It's never about us, but please like or favourite Volume 77. Remember we use Mixcloud because Royalties are paid to artists, not to us.

You can listen to the previous IDHAS Audio Extravaganzas on Mixcloud here.

Thanks as always to Jim for his technical excellence.

01  Fangclub - Nightmare
02  The Junior League - Have Faith In Yourself
03  Sundial Symphony - Merri Goes Round
04  Escondido - Crush On Her
05  Out Of My Hair - Safe Boy
06  Spinn - Believe It Or Not
07  Jordan Jones - Rumors Girls
08  The Anderson Council (With Peter Noone) - Mrs Kirkbys Refrigerator
09  The Lunar Laugh - Welcome To The World
10  Cagework - 23
11  Young Guv - Roll With Me
12  The Mommyheads - Mutual Enemy
13  Only Shadows - Cowboys
14  Erk - Taking My Time
15  Papernut Cambridge - Buckminster Fullerene
16  The Successful Failures - No White Knight In Knoxville
17  Local Drags - Plot Holes
18  The Pop Cycle - Part Of The Crowd
19  The Vicious Cycles - Life Insurance
20  The Vapour Trails - Godspeed It
21  The Galileo 7 - Too Late
22  Ryan Soanes - Hot Girls
23  Råttanson - Small Venue Concerts
24  William Wesley Bullock - Losing The Thread

IDHAS Volume 77 Mixcloud Link 

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Magic E's - Dead Star

Norwich Trio. The Magic E's follow up 2017's excellent debut album, It Goes On, with Dead Star ad this feels like the breakthrough offering. The production is big, the choruses are big and all 8 songs sound incredibly radio friendly.

The two opening songs set out the agenda, both Everybody Knows and the wonderful, Into The Fading Light are storming Blue Collar, get up on your feet joys. That's not to say that the album is front loaded because any of these ten songs cut the mustard.

On the recent Volume of the IDHAS Audio Extravaganza which reached the Mixcloud Indie Global Chart, Into The Fading Light got most attention and rightly so, but The Magic E's are no one trick pony.The sound is very US friendly, at times it's hard to believe that these three aren't Yanks.

Someone Like You has a Stones Vibe, but maybe if Mick Jagger was backed by a New Wave band. I can envisage comparisons with The Killers, certainly production wise, but the album isn't as shouty and far more melodic.

It's been a while that I've been so impressed by something so commercial. But Dead Star is so damn likeable, it's a wall of sound, but not Kitchen Sink, the hooks are big and the whole thing sounds fully formed. This is a great album.

You can buy the CD now or pre order the download for it's release date of 6 September here.


The Total Rejection - Everybody Knows What You Don't Know

I think that after three years of IDHAS, that beneath the poptastic big choruses, the true love of my life is Psych, particularly with a tinge of Pop. I know I don't cover it enough on here, I have no idea why. The Total Rejection only border on Pop, but the Psych is wonderfully accessible.

Released on Bristol's splendid Raving Pop Blast label, this follow up to Wrapping Yourself In Silver Foil Won't Save You From The Blast shows the band growing, particularly Arthur Andrew Jarrett. AAJ seems to be involved in most things West Country Psych.

Where as the debut was a bit rough and ready, this follow up seems more fully formed, it knows what it wants to do and goes off and does it. It hints a lot at The Creation, but is probably nearer a modern day version of The Seeds.

The roots may be in the second half of the Tune In Sixties, but the feel is a far more modern Garage Rock. This is dirty Psych. There are pop sentiments here, but it's more good old Rock and Roll that's trying to get out.

Such is the vibe on all 13 songs, that any could be chosen to recommend. This an album to be listened from start to finish, This isn't mess with your mind music, but it's definitely make sure you know where you are. It's an absolute blast.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The Junior League - Adventureland

Any album from Joe Adragna's The Junior League is worth the admission, but Adventureland is a revelation. 2005's Debut Album, Catchy, remains in my Top 10 Power Pop albums of the 21st Century and this sounds every bit as good and could well be better.

The 80's is a decade that I like to beat about the head with a wet fish. But when you hear an album like this, you remember that there was some great Guitar Pop amongst the make up and Casio keyboards. If it were the 80's, this album would sell oodles.

From the opener Heavy with it's Tom Petty Teen Flick Film Soundtrack feel to the closing rock out, Adventureland At Night. this one joy of an album. 10 songs, 28 minutes, say what you've gotta say and move. So good that you can play the album twice in an hour.

Have Faith In Yourself could be on ELO's Time album with it's The Cars like synth run. Everybody Wants To Play is a rocked up version of The Knack. Town In A Box just doesn't let up and The Buggles like backing on the splendid Falling In Love rounds of an absolute gem of a song.

No More is US New Wave Punk at it's best. Most of these songs could have been on an 80's Teen Movie, all ten could be singles. It really looks like Power Pop is back and without doubt, Adventureland is a contender for IDHAS's Album Of The Year. This album just doesn't settle down  for one moment. This is simply poptastic!

You can listen to and buy the download here.  The CD is on Ray Gianchetti's top notch Kool Kat label here.


Papa Schmapa - Bela Mystic Music

New York's Joe DelVecchio has written a superb album, not one necessarily associated with New York or I Don't Hear A Single. Bela Mystic Music, named after his long time Band Name, is a cracking listen that changes tempo seamlessly.

DelVecchio shares Vocals with Elysia Cristantello and the voices blend beautifully, whether together or apart. The former's laid back vocal works well with the variations, adapting easily to Country, Pop and Rock, often reminding me of Gerry Rafferty.

Cristantello's range is admirable, she can belt a song out and then sound suitably mellow on a song like Long Road, which is Jacqui Abbott to a tee, There is also some splendid Lead Guitar from Dave Profeta who is equally at ease with a blistering Electric solo or gentle acoustic riffs.

The joint vocals will obviously provoke Fleetwood Mac comparisons, but in all honesty, the album heads off in more different directions. Acoustically, the feel is very Country, even Americana. Electrically more Southern Rock or West Coast. The two vocalists also aid this variety, allowing Gentle Pop to mix with Country Rock.

Star is so damn catchy, whilst Blame is great 70's UK or US Pop Rock with a great joint vocal. Erase The Trace leans on a Blues Rock Riff, Precious Time could be Blondie and In The End hits a real easy listening West Coast groove.

The songs are chosen from throughout Joe's career, although you couldn't tell that. Brian Moore's Production can't be praised highly enough, this is no twopenneth affair. Bela Mystic Music is a smashing listen, a sit back and enjoy affair. It's well worth your pennies.

You can listen to the album here. The album is available from the likes of Amazon here and available on the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play. CDs can be ordered at


Monday, 12 August 2019

The Anderson Council - Worlds Collide

The Anderson Council follow up 2016's splendid Assorted Colours with Worlds Collide. You can read the IDHAS Review of Assorted Colours here. In a career that has hit the two decade mark, every album has moved one step further and this album is exceptional.

For those not in the loop. the quartet specialise in late 60's Psych Pop, with the emphasis on Pop. It's this Guitar Pop that marks them out at the best in the field. I love the genre, but I don't see anyone better covering Psych around.

Let's get this clear first of all, Worlds Collide is absolutely stunning. It's a must purchase and it's a certain Top 5 End Of Year and something special is going to have to go some to beat in. All of what fans would expect is here, but there's so much more.

There are two different versions of Mrs Kirkby's Refrigerator. The first is a wonderful slice of Flower Pop, the second features Peter Noone and is a ringer for Early Bowie and then you get a superb guitar solo. These surprises are everywhere though.

Your Devices is great Pop Rock, a cross between UK New Wave and Carl Wayne era Move. How Much How Long verges on Chinn-Chapman Glam Rock and there's a Space Oddity Bowie feel to Lads And Lasses.

Gentleman is very Small Faces and Grey Heavenly Lane is breezes by, including a stunning Guitar Solo. Lyrically excellent, there is no major departure here, it's just that the songwriting that gets better and better. Peter Horvath may very well be The Earl Of Psych Pop, I certainly would argue the case.

You can buy and listen to Worlds Collide here.