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Tuesday 23 January 2024

I Don't Hear A Single Top 20 EPs Of 2023


2023 is brought to a close with The Top 20 EPs Of The Year. There may be more 2023 releases covered in the early part of 2024, but as for the ramped up Social Media and Countdowns, they all end here. For each EP a song is embedded from the release and a link is provided to the IDHAS Review where you can find further details and how to listen or buy the EP.

1 Svenssen - Falling Out Of Fashion     IDHAS REVIEW

2 Half Catholic - Art In Heaven     IDHAS REVIEW

3 The Chase - Bonzo Bonanza     IDHAS REVIEW

4 Pretty - Citrus Magic    IDHAS REVIEW

5 Jonesy - Doppelgangbangers    IDHAS REVIEW

6 Leon In The Wild - Leon In The Wild     IDHAS REVIEW

7 Movie Jail - Movie Jail   IDHAS REVIEW

8 Råttanson - Trebled Region     IDHAS REVIEW

9 The Popguns - Popism     IDHAS REVIEW

10 Bitter Defeat - Terrific Effort    IDHAS REVIEW

11 Fuzziliers - Would You Believe     IDHAS REVIEW

12 Mansfield - Come Rain Or Shine     IDHAS REVIEW

13 The Vapour Trails - On A Beautiful Day     IDHAS REVIEW

14 Gizmo - Buddy System    IDHAS REVIEW

15 Finn's Motel - Last Year's Leaves      IDHAS REVIEW

16 Rick Kingo - The Truths, The Lies, The Lot    IDHAS REVIEW

17 Dennis Davison - Creaturefeature       IDHAS REVIEW

18 Carl Green In Particular - Off Balance       IDHAS REVIEW

19 Shangri-Lass - Over & Over      IDHAS REVIEW

20 Modern Rituals - Razed      IDHAS REVIEW


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