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Friday 15 September 2023

The Vapour Trails - On A Beautiful Day EP


It has been three years or so since we heard from The Vapour Trails, largely due to Kevin Robertson's solo adventures. So it is great to see them back. Both the Golden Sunshine and See You In The Next World albums appeared in the IDHAS Best Of Year Selections. You can read the reviews here  and here.

The band also provided a session for the celebration of the 100th Edition of The IDHAS Audio Extravaganza, the Radio show that was the forerunner of the IDHAS 10 Song Mix and featured 7 days of Live Sessions. That session can also be bought and listened to on the band's Bandcamp site.

Having started out being fairly compared to the likes of Teenage Fanclub and Dropkick, Golden Sunshine showed real examples of the band extending into a much wider pallet of signs and On A Beautiful Day confirms this full on.

There isn't a hint of The Glasgow sound here. Beautifully arranged songs that head more into Rock territory in a gentle riff. Any of these four songs will catch your attention. Reminisce is a late 60s mix of gentle Psych Pop with a killer riff.

Next Life is extraordinarily great, a little bit of jangle, beautifully sung and arranged with a riff not a million miles from a Rush 80s Riff, although played a little gentler. The title track has wonderful stomp on the chorus and I Looked Into Your Eyes is pure 1967, wonderfully so.

The big hint of 60s Psych Pop is splendid, particularly to such a lover of the genre as myself. Despite the excellent arrangements and performances, the big stand out is Kevin Robertson's vocals they have matured, maybe mellowed and revealed a mastery of the understated song.

You can listen to and buy the EP here.


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