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Thursday 7 September 2023

Chris Farren - Doom Singer


Despite the noisy joy of a decade of Fake Problems, Chris Warren is intrinsically linked to Jeff Rodenstock, firstly via Antarticigo Vespucci and onwards from then. Indeed Rodenstock plays on five songs here, three on Bass and two on Saxophone.

However his friendship with Macseal Drummer, Frankie Impastato opened a new world. Impastato co-writes the album and drums throughout, he also introduced Farren to Melina Duterte who produces the album and also guests on Doom Singer.

The results are astounding. Duterte's superb production brings a much cleaner and bigger sound. The higher production values really showcase Farren's Pop Sensibilities and this is is essentially a Pop album. Only Cosmic Leash hints at Farren's past and yet that song may be the best thing here, although the competition is high.

From a mellow verse Cosmic Leash launches into wonderful Noise Rock on the choruses providing a wonderful contrast of genres. Yet compare that to Statue Song which is a big 70s Pop Rock affair, not quite a ballad, but certainly beautifully understated.

Elsewhere, the keyword is Pop. Bluish is great Power Pop, All We Ever is wonderful 80s Guitar Pop and the title track is fantastic 60s Sunshine Pop. My Beauty could be In Outer Space Sparks period and Screensaver is synth led Indie Pop with a fine breakout chorus and closing Guitar solo.

Only U enters 80s Synth Twee Pop and masters it and emphasises how much variety is displayed throughout the album. People who had lost touch with what Chris Farrin will get a big, but pleasant surprise, but for newcomers and long time IDHAS followers will adore the sheer catchiness on show.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available digitally, on CD and on Vinyl and Highly Recommended!


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