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Saturday 2 September 2023

Half Catholic - Art In Heaven EP


I am a long time fan of John Tillman since discovering Pink Beam way back in 2017 in what were still the early learning days of I Don't Hear A Single. You can read our review of the Pink Beam EP here. It is an EP that I still regularly listen to now. 

Half Catholic have been providing Hansel And Gretel like bread paths via a couple of splendid singles and now the Rockford Illinois quartet offer up their debut EP and it is great melodic Pop Rock built om massive riffs.

The thing that I notice most is that Tallman's vocal seems to have mellowed, not that it was ever harsh, and that really suits the material. The sound is also much bigger and all encompassing. The riffs and hooks are only part of what is on show. 

There is some great Guitar work on It Takes A Lot Of Effort To Be Alone that demands attention. In The Way is very UK New Wave, in essence it sounds like a Graham Parker song. There's Always A Drink In My Hand is great 70s Pop Rock with a hint of John Miles, but also provides a great 60s Jangle and even has a Psych Pop outdo.

Jaded is possibly the best song on the EP, brilliant Power Pop with an absolute killer riff and a Rush Signals like outdo. Pour It On Lightly opens proceedings with a big sounding affair with a chorus you will be singing along too soon. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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