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Thursday 31 August 2023

Soft Hearted Scientists - Waltz of the Weekend


I Don't Hear A Single has been on fire over the past week, listener and reader wise, it has been the busiest week of the year. Hard to believe that it is the generally Tumbleweed month of August! This is not down to magnetism, it is the quality of the releases. So it seems fitting to end the month with the return of the magnificent Soft Hearted Scientists.

The collective have always mixed pure Psychedelia with Psych Pop and Waltz Of The Winter continues that trend, but there does seem a difference this time round. The Pop element seems much more pronounced and the production seems even more focussed.

The Psych Pop is as incredible as ever, but the longer pieces are more Pastoral, gentle soundscapes that bring unexpected additions at random moments, for instance, the whistling Who Loves The Moon and the weeping Guitar intro to The Things We Make.

The title track is very Orgone Box at times, but it is also close to Folk. Lost Mariners is incredibly hypnotic, almost ambient and a wonderful closer. These longer songs never outstay their welcome, indeed they seem to fly by.

The shorter songs are just as delightful. Rode My Bike could be the Intelligent Indie of a Partridge or a Hitchcock. What Grows Inside The Garden is great catchy Pop Rock with a hint of Toytown and no one does Toytown better than Nathan Hall. The Fixer could be Spygenius and is almost UK New Wave.

Gadzooks is the best Psych Pop song that you will hear all year and drips with Toytown. If you think Psychedelic is not for you, listen to this album to have your mind changed. Whisper it if you dare, Waltz Of The Weekend is incredibly close to an inventive Pop Rock album. Highly Recommended!

You can listen and buy the album here.


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