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Friday 7 July 2023

Dennis Davison - Creaturefeature EP


I wasn't always about the new and there are bands who have stuck with from their inception. The Jigsaw Seen were certainly one and they are sadly missed. Dennis Davison was the Lead Singer and so you know that anything released by him is going to be quality and this EP certainly is. 

You expect to have wonderful Psych Pop and you get it, but there was always much more to the band, ditto Davison's solo world. Creatures Of Love is the poppier end of Psych Pop and includes a more mainstream guitar solo than you would normally expect.

Where that song is very piano led, The Greatest Moment In History is Guitar led and is splendid melodic Pop Rock. The Guise Of Comedy contains more of the tricks that you expect from Davison. At its heart is a Fairground theme instrumentally.

But there are massive hints of Toytown and almost a spooky horror vibe. The Monuments is nearer to 60s UK Beat with a Psych Pop feel chipping away and even a little bit Folk. Reconstruction is wonderfully dark, almost hymn like in places with sounds coming from all directions. It is as though the instrument cupboard has been raided.

Davison's voice is as sharp and melodic as ever and these five songs underline what a talent he remains. You don't forget what he is known for, but he also demonstrates his pop sensibilities. Songs are not tossed out, there is thought and imaf=gination in abundance. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the EP here.



  1. Thank you so much, Don!

  2. Sheer Bliss !!!! Thank you Have the jigsaw seen CD's Time to get them out again