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Friday 7 July 2023

Fall Awake - There Is No Perfect Place to Be


West Chester PA quartet Fall Awake release their second album and hits all the right spots. It falls into the Rockier end of Pop Rock, although this is pretty close to both Classic Rock and Indie Rock. Songs are riff driven and those riffs are really melodic and hook you.

The solos are a tad heavier without ever hitting hard rock, although Magic Number is somewhere between the Harder Indie Rock of the 90s and the NWOBHM. However, Simple Situations is incredibly close to Power Pop, rocked up Power Pop of course.

Step Outside slows things downs, yet still has a vibe of one of the better songs on the Use Your Illusion lines, the solos are certainly Slash like. So Long, So Late even edges into Stadium Rock. The Hours is great Classic Rock, think classic Bad Company slower songs.

I know we spend most of our time in melodic Guitar Pop. But you could do far worse than give There Is No Perfect Place To Be a good ole listen. It'll remind you of how toe tappingly good Rock can be when it isn't trying to loosen your fillings.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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  1. From all of us at Fall Awake.. thank you!