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Sunday 10 December 2023

Wurld Series - The Giant's Lawn


Wurld Series reach their third album and whereas the precious two were more Indie Rock with New Zealand charm, although there were slight hints of Prog on What's Growing, The Giant's Lawn sets its base as absolutely wonderful Psych Pop. 

The Christchurch quartet don't rest there though as then album is genre crossing of the highest order. There is also Pop Rock, Folk, Prog, Canterbury , Brit Pop and much more. Acoustic and Electric mix in an inventive exhilarating listen.

With 17 songs, there is a lot to listen to, but the album never gets boring or outstays its welcome, largely due to the quality of the material. Unexpected noises appear from nowhere, suddenly there is Sax, something heavily Prog gives way to more straight ahead Melodic Pop.

That welcome Pop Rock is really accessible, yet the band are just as keen to take you into chaos with some splendid arrangements and performance. You are led to believe that it is one thing and it leads to another. The Giant's Lawn grips you fully and although the individual songs are ace in their own right, it is the whole thing that you adore.

I've listened to it start to finish three more times today. Many albums should be listened to from start to finish, indeed the album format is really neglected these days replaced by non essential playlists. In a way, it makes potential listeners concentrate more on individual songs rather than a body of work.

The full joy of this third album is attained by putting it on and leaving it, listening from beginning to end. It becomes almost one, despite all the offerings and you are intrigued by what is going to come next. I knew that this would be good, I didn't expect it to be this good. It is a masterpiece and essential listening for those with open ears.

You can listen to and buy it here. The album deserves your time. The Giant's Lawn is also available on Vinyl and although I have a weariness with some of the albums that appear on that format, this one is ideally suited.


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