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Thursday 7 December 2023

The Sugar - Somewhere To Go


Thanks to the detective work of one of our keen followers I can now follow up with more details on the band. You can find out more about The Sugar here. The original review from October is posted below.

I've been wanting to tell you more about this album for months and it underlines one of my biggest frustrations. With dealing with new bands, I don't expect to find information about them easily across the internet. But all too often, I can't find anything.

With not relying on submissions, finding out more can take much needed time away from actually writing about them and to be honest, I give up on some. I've tried all I can to get more info on The Sugar, evening trying to get in touch with the studio where the album was recorded.

Now I have to pass it over to you to find out more and will post links to where can you listen to the album. I have persevered because the album is right up our street, It is at the rockier end of Pop Rock, but wonderfully melodic.

At times it will remind you of great Pop Rock bands such as Cheap Trick, at others it gets more into the territory of Rush instrumentally, even a little vocally without ever getting near the Peart lyrical quality. Yet the album could easily appear on a 70s Classic Rock major label or a Not Lame or Big Stir.

It is beautifully performed and produced, melodic to the extreme and as catchy as catchy can be, but it does Rock. I'd love to find out more about the album and cover it deeper, so it may we have musical detectives around with greater skill or more time.

Like all recent reviews, I haven't embedded tracks, hoping that followers will go off and listen to the whole album themselves and discover their own favourites. Somewhere To Go definitely needs more attention if only we knew how to do that. Links to the streaming sites I've found are below.

Apple Music

You Tube Music

Amazon Music


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  1. Strike that. I meant the track, "It Shows". Crazy likeness to AIC.