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Tuesday 5 December 2023

Various - Round And Round – Progressive Sounds Of 1974 (4CD)


Cherry Red and Esoteric are really good at this sort of compilation. In the wrong hands, they can depend on what rights a label has, be led by some storming familiar songs and a load of filler or be pay to a compiler's personal tastes. The label now has a hearty catalogue and Round And Round is proof of that.

There may also be those who look for a hiding place when they see the word Progressive and imagine hours and hours of noodling and time signature changing. Prog was a much wider gathering than that and in 1974, when the singles world was still dominated by Glam and Pop Rock, it has to be remembered that albums were more about these sort of bands and LPs were far more important to the non teens.

As with any compilation, there will be artists or songs here that you may think are not Prog, but it should also be remembered that the genre was a broad church and contained the Heavy, Folk and Melodic. I for instance have never thought of my beloved Be Bop Deluxe as such. maybe more Pop Rock, but Bill Nelson's Guitar playing could certainly flirt in that direction.

In my previous Blog life, music was not primarily about the new and there was a real love of Bands such as Man and Budgie, but I always considered them as more on the heavier side, but I can see why others would link them in. There are plenty here of who there is no doubt that they are indelibly Prog. Amongst them such as Gong, Jethro Tull, Hatfield And The North, Renaissance and Camel.

The Canterbury Scene is well represented and led by Kevin Ayers. It is also nice to see the European scene represented by Kayak and PFM and by German association, Nektar. The Melodic angle is covered by the likes of Barclay James Harvest, Traffic, Strawbs and of course Todd Rundgren.. It is also great to see compilation stalwarts, Procol Harum.

I also note my hometown band, Gravy Train are here, their albums were always immensely collectible, even if those long players flattered to deceive. Four Discs may seem a lot, but this selection is so wide and varied that it is a cracking listening journey. The package is well presented with authoritative notes and the sound is great. I'm off back to the new, but this set brought back a lot of fond memories.

You can buy the set here and at all good music retailers.


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