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Sunday 3 December 2023

The Hasbros - God Hates The Hasbros


Five years on, it is great to have Queen's The Hasbros back with their second album. Expanded from a Trio to a Quartet with Tom Cavanagh doing on Bass, the sound sounds even bigger and builds on Cart Before Horse with some ace 90s sounding Pop Rock.

For a band that specialise in Pop Rock with a Guitar Driven emphasis on the Rock, via Twin Guitarists, that is more than a little IRS, the opener is a real surprise. Bury You sounds more like The Rembrandts than say R.E.M.

Fans of their scuzzy Guitar led stuff, should fear not though because they are soon back on that track. Songs are built around big choruses and riffs with Jangle thrown in regularly. Melodic and performed at pace, this is a fine selection of songs. 

The band are at their best when they let go and Be A Bee is the best example, a really noisy urgent affair that will translate well live. Hell Or Me runs it a close second, another song delivered at a frantic pace. But the band can also change direction and genre well.

Change is a splendid Jangling, almost Americana gem. Wonder is great Psych Pop and 30 Days Of Night is wonderful West Coast Rock. There's even a melancholic closer in What He Said, a beautifully arranged cooldown after all that excitement. It is cracking 5 minutes that ends a really fine album.

You can listen to and buy the album here. You can find out more about The Hasbros here.


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