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Thursday 19 October 2023

The Len Price 3 - Grass Is Greener (2 Track Single)


I rarely review singles in writing. To be honest, I just don't have the time. I tend to leave them for places like Listening To This Week. However when you hear something as great as this, you just have to shout about it and I do love The Len Price 3.

After building a reputation on Mod Pop, the band have developed into this wonderful melodic joyful affair. I can only think off the top of my head of Dot Dash who inhabit such a wonderful area. This two track single on Wicked Cool is awesome.

The Grass Is Always Greener starts as Jam like and develops into a crackerjack Power Pop affair with a killer chorus. A little 60s Beat, a little UK New Wave with a hint of Psych Pop it hits every spot imaginable. 

Man Out Of Time is even more melodic with an awesome riff and a bigger hunt of Psych Pop, but keeping  within the genres of the A Side, but adding a paint stripping psych noise guitar solo. Two songs built on two massive choruses. Jawdroppingly great!

You can listen to both songs here.  The songs are available on all the streaming sites.


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