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Tuesday 17 October 2023

Short Fictions - Oblivion Will Own Me and Death Alone Will Love Me (Void Filler)


Pittsburgh five piece Short Fictions have released their third album and it is wonderfully chaotic and yet at times incredibly delicate. One thing it certainly is noisy, but compelling so. Without really ever losing site of the barnstorming riffs, at times it can move into ace Noise Rock.

I wouldn't ever try to second guess what is going round songwriter Sam Treber's head, but there does seem a hell of a lot. The long bemusing song titles and the switches from riff driven joy to a much harder shouty thing, at times part song.

Then through all this excitement, the album ends on a Countrified Acoustic Campfire song in Don't Let Me Love You. There are also calmer waters on Max, a sort of mellow low key slacker song. There is also an ability to be comfortable in Indie Guitar Anthem territory. 

Self Betterment In A Time Of Loneliness is a catch all joy that blows up into a Guitar fest close. Radio Nevada, January 2020 is even catchier, a real altogether now affair. Wasting is 90s College Rock with its fuzz and attitude.

To Loved Ones Lost In The Pursuit Of Foolish Passions is incredibly loud and shouty Punk. Oblivion Will Own Me And Death Alone Will Love Me is built around a Rush like riff and then turns into a shouty angsty thing that matches the song title.

And it is those song titles that may put people off and that would be a crying shame. There are big moments of outstanding originality and great melody here. It is a fascinating listen across what is only 25 minutes. It is a fascinating listen and I adore it.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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