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Sunday 1 October 2023

Ten Tonnes - Dancing, Alone


After a quieter September Review wise due to illness, (PM Me Babe, Blah Blah etc), there is a big backlog to catch up on. So fortunately, October is traditionally a 31 Reviews In 31 Days affair and so there is at least a chance to get back to what we are known for, particularly with how much attention Listening To This Week gets lately. We have certainly not gone Singles led!

So it makes sense to kick off the month with some big sounding commercial Pop Rock and the second album from Ten Tonnes certainly fits the bill. This is a big production and probably a little more commercial than we normally cover, but it is a cracking album.

We often speak about American Bands that sound British, this is therefore something a reverse. It feels very American, but Ethan Barnett is from Hertford in the heart of England but this big production does have more in common with the other side of the pond.

Dancing, Alone, is an album that equally comfortable in Indie Pop, Power Pop, AOR and the sound of the new wave of Guitar Pop that is satisfyingly bothering the airwaves. At times, you are reminded of The Killers or Butch Walker, but equally have the New Wave 70s groove of Out Of Here and the Power Pop of  Dreaming In The Deep End.

Monday Morning is very Brand Flowers in cracking 80s Pop Rock mode, yet When It Goes is splendid Indie Pop and Weight Of The World borders on Tom Petty Classic Rock. Waiting For The Sun is a corking slice of West Coast Rock that Brent Rademaker would be proud of.

Dancing, Alone radiates melody and although it may be a little more commercial than we normally pay attention to, it is more than worth the listening effort. It is such a well performed, arranged and produced LP that it craves your attention.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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