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Tuesday 10 October 2023

Papernut Cambridge - Cinderella Crazy Golf EP


Oh how we love Ian Button at IDHAS Towers. Following his Top 10 appearance in the IDHAS Best Of 2022 as Toni Tubna, he follows the splendid Channel Suite album earlier this year, we have a delightful EP to enjoy.

Button inhabits a world which doesn't appreciate his lo fi joyful pop nearly enough. His gentle voice suits the diversity of his material and he should be applauded regularly, both for his past and the present.

Here, he offers up great 80s Indie Pop with I Can't Take My Eyes Off Your Eyes, something very close to Power Pop with the title track and some great Pastoral Psych Pop, almost Toytown, with Bread. Add in the 60s Strumming Pop of I've Loved You The Longest and you have a crackerjack of an EP.

People rightly fete Martin Newell, but Ian Button is every bit as great. He ploughs similar territory. but with a deeper sense of variety and melody. The EP is available as a 7 Inch EP as well as a download. I'd say it is an absolutely essential purchase.

You can listen to and buy the EP here


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