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Sunday 8 October 2023

The Happy Somethings - Unhinged EP


It is always welcome to have the Indie Pop trio that are The Happy Somethings back. Their jauntiness is a great contrast to all the angular riff laden guitar missives and the big melodic Pop Rock. Unhinged is their latest Name Your Price EP and it revels in lo-fi poptastic pleasure.

The bitter sweet Housemartins lyrics of Everyone Seems To Like Me (Except You) explains what they do best, melodic dreamy pop at its very best. Men Pause even comes across as lounge pop, but done in a sort of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B manner.

Bubble gets even poppier with the dual female vocal being joined by of all things, an Indie Guitar Riff. Hey Tricky even adds lines from Tony Basil's Hey Mickey. Something really pleasant as an interlude to what's to come. Which is a stack of Album reviews along more familiar lines/

You can listen to and buy the EP here.


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