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Sunday 29 October 2023

Trans-Canada Highwaymen - Explosive Hits Vol 1


I think the majority of you know my feelings about Tribute albums. I have a real what's the point of hearing artists perform songs that are very familiar to me when I can listen to the originals. There are exceptions, such as when a completely different take on the song is attempted.

However if anyone had asked me if I was interested in a supergroup that featured Moe Berg, Chris Murphy, Craig Northey and Steven Page, the answer, of course, would be where can I hear the album. These are from bands that have been worshipped across Anything Should Happen and here.

Our love of The Pursuit Of Happiness is unmatched and Moe Berg's Production work has featured heavily with the newer bands that we cover. Steven Page is much loved for his time in Bare Naked Ladies and in particularly The Vanity Project album with Stephen Duffy.

Chris Murphy is adored because of our beloved Sloan and we raved about the Anyway Gang album. Craig Northey's band Odds were recently reviewed here and the new album has featured heavily in the most popular reviews and still does.

This album is also different because the songs are Canadian Top 10 songs from 1969 - 1975 and so non Canadians may know some, they probably don't know them all. It was like hearing the song for the first time in some cases.

There is also the gem which is the new song " Theme From Trans-Canada Highwaymen ", the video of which is above. To suit the period, the album is designed as a K-Tel pastiche. The whole album is a joyous affair as you would expect from the people involved.

You can buy the album at the band's website here. It is also available to buy and listen to everywhere.


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