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Sunday 22 October 2023

The Suncharms - Things Lost


The Suncharms at times have a reputation as a darker Teenage Fanclub, exemplified here on Satanic Rites, but that is a little unfair and there is much more to them that. They straddle the boundaries of Dream Pop and Guitar Pop with hints of Gaze and Indie Pop.

This album is probably the best example of their variety and a song like Whitby demonstrates that most with a real crunch at times and some wonderful harmony vocals. If ever the term Rock You Gently, had a list, this song would be fairly near the top.

Torrential Rain is splendidly C86 and Things Lost has a gentle Psych like riff that is absolutely hypnotic. Red Wine Kisses bursts out instrumentally with one hell of a twang, it is mesmerising. Daylight Is Here is built around a killer riff and is Indie Rock heading to Pop Rock.

Dark Sails is almost Postcard and Torrential Rain out Jangles the likes of Dropkick. The best may also be saved for last. Last Tram is ace Dream Pop and mesmerising instrumentally, story telling at its very finest. It rounds off an especially soothing listen.

Marcus Palmer is never gonna get shouty vocally, his gentle tone suits the material so well. Nor are The Suncharms ever aiming to be The Sound Of Sheffield. The band know what they are good at and do it so well. Things Lost is an exemplary listen and proof that you don't have to crash chords to get people's attention.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on Vinyl, CD and as a download. Be quick if you want the vinyl as there are not many copies left.


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