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Tuesday 17 October 2023

Jagger Holly - Rivoltella


Firstly, this is a wonderful album. Secondly, it allows another opportunity for me to bang on about Pop Punk again. There are two types of Pop Punk, the first are the bands that subscribe to the forever template, robotic almost talky robotic vocals with a more shouty chorus and one of a dozen riffs.

Then there are the ones that open out, head into more Guitar Pop directions. These may be new bands or established ones that have matured into a more encompassing sound and direction. Jagger Holly are a trio that are very much in the latter camp, splendidly so.

Rivoltella, with its Revolver like cover, leans much more towards Power Pop both the old and the new. At times they are more traditional, more than a little like The Speedways At other times they are more like the new breed of Uni Boys and The Evening Sons.

They do get shouty on occasions, but then it is more like melodic Punk than Punk Pop. 29 songs is a lot, so much so that the Vinyl release is a double LP. But this such a joyous listen that covers many areas from New York Street to UK Punk, UK New Wave, the 90s Power Pop revival and on to modern day.

The songs are short-ish, very much say what you wanna say and get off and there is little coming up for air. But the best compliment that I can give the album is that I never once got bored on repeated listens even with such an extended amount of content.

The Punkier elements are very fist shaking and all together now. But essentially this is all chorus led, riffs galore and allows you to realise how catchy Guitar Pop can be and how fun oozes out of every pore. This is right up our street, get your air guitar ready and be prepared to sing along.

You can listen to and buy the album here. The vinyl can be bough at all good record shops and direct from the splendid Monster Zero label here.


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