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Tuesday 24 October 2023

Curling - No Guitar


Firstly, before you all head off, there are plenty of guitars here, so I've no idea why the title is such. Curling are now a trio for their third album and as well the addition of Drummer Kynwyn Sterling adding great cohesion, the Lo Fi of the previous two releases has been resigned to the past.

No Guitar is more of a soundscape, encompassing joyous arrangements but also adding moments of melancholy and sadness. Pop Rock really isn't usually this varied and engaging and these variants add up to one hell of an album.

Take for instance, the ace Slacker Rock that borders Power Pop of Hi-Elexir that adds a paint stripping breakout and compare it to the beauty and aching of Majesty and you are quite a ride. The opener, Shambles is three genres in one, a Mellotron 60s start, then a threatened Psych burst out followed by great Jangle Pop.

URDom is gentle almost long, atmospheric with a wondrous Bassline and added ace harmonies. Yet that song is another example of Curling's habit of changing direction mid song, endearingly so. Pastoral is a song that Jon Ayer would be proud of and adds a splendid orchestral arrangement.

Patience is 90s distorted Alt Rock whilst is Acoustic 70s moody Classic Rock, yet also a little Radiohead. Husk comes over all Tom Petty and that is the beauty of this album. Every song surprises you as does every direction, but it never vacates its Pop Rock sensibility.

One of the delights of running I Don't Hear A Single is writing about albums such as this. Plenty of the following may not have fallen across Curling, now they have a chance to appreciate what a fantastic album this is. An album that you immediately want to put on again and again. Excellent!

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is available on Vinyl and as a download.


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