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Wednesday 11 October 2023

Turnstyle - Citizen's Handbook


Over to the Australian Perth for the welcome return of Turnstyle and what a great Indie album this is. Their reputation for Casio meets Guitar may proceed them, but their fourth album is a little more Guitar dominated to offer up something that is right up our street.

They may best described as something between Weezer and Teenage Fanclub, but they are much more fuzzy than that and have large dollops of American Slacker Rock and UK Indie Guitar Pop. Deliciously lo-fi, but incredibly melodic and riff driven.

They are not afraid to step out either. Lissa From Benissa is great Superdrag-ish stuff with a chorus that could be Manc early 1990s. but also has massive hints of Psych Pop. Yet Plain & Simple is more Power Pop and Band Shirt is very fuzzed up early Teenage Fanclub.

Ancient Voices is great 80s Indie Pop Rock. mixing keyboard with a hypnotic riff and a wonderful bassline, all of this with a catch all chorus. Imitation Radio Station goes full on Electro Synth Pop. Black Holes is all mood and melancholia.

Then there is the opener and closer. Robots Working edges towards a moody light Grunge mixing it with 90s College Rock. Robots Ending takes a very different course, with a Casio Electro vibe instrumental of the song. 

The beauty of I Don't Hear A Single is that we can cover what we want when we want. This allows a wider palette in a small but wonderful musical world. We do have a big weakness for quirky Indie and Citizen's Handbook is definitely that in spades. Excellent!

You can listen to and buy the album here. The download is Name Your Price. But there is also a splendid recycled Vinyl release and if ever an album should be heard on Vinyl, it is this one.


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