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Saturday 28 October 2023

Dot Dash - 16 Again


We love Dot Dash. Not through any favouritism, but we do think of them as our band because their output matches exactly what I Don't Hear A Single thinks it is about. The trio may be from Washington DC, but the sound is wonderfully Brit.

Now into their second decade, every album unbelievably improves on the last and their most recent offering, Madman In The Rain was third in our Best Of Year 100, deservedly so. 16 Again marks a pause and a celebration of what they have achieve for a number of reasons.

Here are 15 songs from their career and a Television Personalities cover from their 7 album journey thus far. It is also acknowledgement of their continued history on possible the nicest label around, Canada's The Beautiful Music.

It is also the band's Vinyl debut and a chance to acknowledge the joy that South Wales's Country Miles Records continues to bring to the Indie scene. You have wall to wall excellence across all 16 songs. I could bang on about the individual songs, but I've covered most in previous reviews.

The album provides an opportunity for those who have not yet discovered the sheer magnificence of the band as well as letting us know where you've been. If you are a fan of Guitar Pop (and most of those who visit here are) then you will acknowledge the riff led, big chorus filled selection.

For those who are fans already, it is an opportunity to have a Greatest Hits Of Sort and have Dot Dash on Vinyl which is probably where they deserve to be most. Wall to wall splendidness is here on a 12 Inch Disc. 

The album can be listened to and bought here. It is also available as a download. You can find out more about Country Mile Records here. You can find out more about The Beautiful Music here.


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