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Monday 8 July 2024

Listening To This Week Playlist

30 fine and varied songs make up this week's playlist.  I do hope that you can listen to all the songs across this week. The last listed is as great as the first and you have plenty of time to listen. This weekly playlist is solely for submissions, not the usual stuff that we dig out ourselves. 

All embeds open in new windows to aid scrolling. Links to the artists will also appear on I Don't Hear A Single Social Media sites over the next 24 hours. This will help you to discover more about the artists who appear here. 

A reminder that we purposely don't have a Spotify account, so Spotify embeds are only included when there is no other link or the artist specifically requests it. Thank you for supporting the new music from Indie artists.

Best Bets - Monster

Joy Buzzer - You'd Be Surprised

The Chesterfield Kings - Fly The Astral Plane

Zorin Morris - Hold Tight

K-9 Cat - Madcap

The Manky Melters - Star of the County Down

the archimedian point - rumblestrip

Juno Arcade - Imposter Syndrome

The Stone Souls - Rose Of Jericho

Sr. - High & Dry

Stannington - Through You

the Vinyl Skyway - She Killed RocknRoll

MoonLikeSun - The Black Book

Richard Ayton - Hey, Yeah


Lemon Lemon - Jupiter

Dead Phones & Dogs - Different Kind of Fine

Issy Sutcliffe - The Cost Of Living

Subterranean Deadbeats - Hang Me Out

Myk Gordon - Flown

July Crowd - Happy Ever (Afterthought)


You Fool! - Taking Notes

Nothin Serious With AJ Morrow - Sunshine Prescription

Monocene - Awake

Angel District - 10,000 Hours

Andrew Huston & The Waders - Density

Aiden Kelseo - Fall Apart

The Confusions - Everybody's Running Away

Lumari - Slow Kill


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