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Thursday, 25 May 2023

Pacific Avenue - Flowers


Pacific Avenue are owning Australia with this debut album and rightly so. Number 1 Australian album and an upcoming sell out Oz Tour. They even jetted over to the UK for four gigs just over a week ago. It is really refreshing to see a Pop Rock band threaten domination.

The group themselves acknowledge that the album is nothing that hasn't been heard before, but there is incredible variety and versatility on this feel good affair. It is incredibly melodic and sounds both modern and nostalgic at the same time.

There is a hint of Buckingham led Fleetwood Mac at times, particularly on the likes of Leaving For London and the magnificent Spin Me Like Your Records. Strawberry Daydream is pure L.A. West Coast Rock that explodes into an ace Guitar Wig out. Yet Easy Love could be a popped up Primal Scream with another killer solo.

City Lights is full on melodic Indie Rock, but Modern Lovers is UK Glam Rock. Get You Off is a "let's do the song right here", all happy clappy 70s Pop Rock. Devotion is wonderful fuzzy Classic Rock. The odd time the verses get a little Brandon Flowers on songs such as Someone's Asking (a lovely ballad) and Wake Me Up.

Then there is Lay Me Down which ventures into a cross between 60s Hippy Rock and 70s Southern Rock and has an incredible bassline. Give It Up Yourself is another Bass driven affair, this time much  more funky. So I'm sure that my comparisons have more than underlined the versatility.

There have been a couple of reviews that have gone over the top as though Flowers has reinvented music or taken Indie Rock in a new direction. The album though is magnificent and bearing in mind that it is a debut album, it is to be applauded massively. Thank goodness, happy Guitar Rock is back and if Pop Rock is to take over the world again, I'll be buying the badges. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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