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Saturday 20 May 2023

Dead Billionaires - Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book


I've been bursting to tell you about this for a while and although it is only released on the 2nd June, I just can't hold on any longer for fear of self exploding. This is something that fits what I Don't Hear A Single does perfectly.

Songs change direction at will and essentially Pop Rock, but head in all directions from Beat Pop to Indie Guitar Pop and everything in between. There is a real urgency in what they do, sometimes it is a bit ramshackle, but most often not and overall, it is a real "all together now" vibe.

The Richmond, Virginia trio are rock solid tight playing wise and if you want something rougher, they can provide it. 15 Words is pure Garage Rock and purposely so, it is almost a jam with the rhythm section on fire. The same 15 words are repeated and you get the message of which I approve. It really is a gritty listen.

However Straight Shooter is somewhere between Power Pop and a Revue Band song. It is possibly the best thing on show here. However Checks runs it really close with its social message. It is very near to what The Successful Failures do in sound, but they major on history, whereas Dead Billionaires are much more about life now.

Stones is 70s R & B, but also has a foot in the New York sleaze of the period whilst Curb is just relentless catchiness with a chorus changes direction completely and a solo that is pure Rock and Roll. At no point do the trio come up for air. This is relentless shake your fist stuff that just grips you.

There is a rawness at times which is both endearing and engaging. The lyrics underline the struggle in the downtrodden communities admirably and wonderfully. The album is also riff laden and these riffs grab you and don't let it go. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to the two tracks that I've embedded in the review and pre order the album on vinyl or as a download here.


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