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Wednesday 20 September 2023

No Picnics - No Picnics (Bandcamp Name Your Price)

Punk largely passed me by. As a 14 year old who had spent the bast year with the delights of Prog, I was never gonna suddenly be interested in what Punk initially offered. Rightly or wrongly, it all seemed London centric and London might as well have been Timbuktu even though it was only 200 miles away from our North West town.

But that all changed from late 1977 to early 1978 with what came next. Early New Wave was built around big choruses and riffs, but also kept some of the Punk ethic for a while with its earthiness and DIY vibe until the majors stepped in and smoothed all the edges and some of the charm out of it.

I mention this, not as a Nostalgia trip, but because No Picnics sound as though they come from that delightful time. Anthemic at times, certainly shout out loud choruses and with a melodic catchiness to what they do. It may be a bit rough and ready, but it is meant to 

No Picnics are a collective from around the UK with even a Paris addition, but the base is London. The type of material that they have the freedom to write allows diversions into noisier territory, but it also allows some great Guitar Pop songs.

Your Stars is as great a single from that period or indeed now with its killer riff, but both Cynic and Dusty 45s are equally as splendid. There is also room for the likes of Mass Appeal which is more adventurous and Do You Think Stephen Malkmus Likes His Chilli Paneer Nice And Spicy? is wonderfully barmy.

I'm reminded of the likes of Buzzcocks, Stiff Records and at times The Motors at times. No Picnics can do rough edged commercial without ever appearing to want to or try to. There is a real refreshing change listening to a band who are not trying to fall prey to the masses. Great Stuff!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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