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Thursday 26 January 2023

I Don't Hear A Single Albums Of The Year 2022 : Top 10

So we arrive at the Top 10! As mentioned previously, it has been a really difficult task putting these albums in order. My choices may not be your choices, but I think we have a varied 100 and there is something in it for everyone.

Well done Bandicoot! It has been a great year for Wales with some fine albums emanating from a great country. Strangely, for a UK site, Bandicoot have the first British Album Of The Year on IDHAS on the 7th Occasion.

01 Bandicoot - Black After Dark       IDHAS Review

02 Richard Öhrn - Sounds In English       IDHAS Review

03 Dot Dash - Madman In The Rain       IDHAS Review

04 The Mommyheads - Genius Killer     IDHAS Review

05 The Beths - Expert In A Dying Field      IDHAS Review

06 Spygenius - Jobbernowl      IDHAS Review

07 Toni Tubna And The Stockholm Tuba Sect - When The Magic Went Wrong       IDHAS Review

08 Best Bets - On An Unhistoric Night         
IDHAS Review

09 The Tambles - Scraping By        IDHAS Review

10 Outtacontroller - Come Alive        IDHAS Review

Finally, a mention for one album that didn't appear. The one main rule for the IDHAS100 is that an album has to have been reviewed on I Don't Hear A Single. Chris Church's Darling Please wasn't reviewed here, due to me reviewing it for a magazine that insisted that I did not review it elsewhere. I thought Chris would benefit from this bigger audience. There is a real possibility that the album would have been in this Top 10 if it had been reviewed.



  1. Always enjoy your list. The Orange Peels from last year's #1 album is still something I listen to regularly. Maybe this has been discussed before but what pushes these 10 to the top? Is it quality of the best cuts with no swings and misses or who has the most homeruns (borrowing a baseball analogy).

  2. That's a great question Ken and really difficult to answer. It is personal taste and there are differences. I suppose I do like a bit of quirkiness and there is certainly that in the Bandicoot album and definitely The Mommyheads. I also have a weakness for Psych Pop and in particular Toytown (Tony Tubna). All in all I go for interesting takes on melody and I love riffs. I have to listen to a lot of music to get at the good and I tend to avoid the cliched stuff like Merseybeat, Blues Rock and Classic Rock. Bandicoot's album was the most different to any last year as were The Orange Peels the year before. The biggest surprise was Richard Ohrn, I didn't expect a lot before listening, but it is a tremendously well put together album.