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Sunday 9 October 2022

Outtacontroller - Come Alive


I loved Outtacontroller's third album, Sure Thing, in 2020. When I reviewed it, I described it as Cheap Trick meets Chinn and Chapman. You cab read that review here. Thankfully, this is more of the same to some extent, but the Halifax, Nova Scotia quartet also go further without ever losing the hooks.

Kicking in with the title track, there is a real come and join us vibe, a call to arms if you like and that Cheap Trick late 70s heyday springs to mind. It has the potential to be on Power Pop compilations for decades. To be fair, most of the album is like that.

Hanging Over You has a real "The Records" riff that completely disarms you. It dominates the song with a chorus that Sweet would be proud of. Let Me Out is pure Glitter band in sound and those handclaps make it even more so.

Hit And Run leaves the UK 70s behind and becomes more US New Wave of the 80s. It doesn't sound like The Cars, but certainly fits into that period. I Wanna Be Bored goes further and ramps up the pace, Garage Rock style. 

Parts Unknown even edges into a popped up version of Goth. You can imagine Billy Duffy playing that Lead. But Time To Crash even trends the Pop Rock of Squeeze. Gets Me Every Time manages to get into the territory of The Motors.

Come Alive is a splendid Pop Rock, the type that many threaten but can't fulfil bar a few front loaded singles. Anyone of these 11 songs could be released as such which reveals a real consistency. Hooks, Choruses, riffs and Zander like vocals. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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