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Saturday, 1 October 2022

Uni Boys - Do It All Next Week


It was Steve Coulter's recommendation that led me to the Uni Boys. I knew very little about the Los Angeles quartet, but I'm glad that I looked them up. Do It All Next Week is their third album and it is a cracking listen.

There's been real hope recently that Power Pop is being revived by bands who are taking the classic route. The Speedways probably led this revival and they get rightly mentioned for it, but they started off with the intention of a one off Power Pop album that just snowballed and so it is great seeing it start to become a scene.

The Uni Boys specialise in New Wave Power Pop. The default is UK late 70s, through Stiff Records to bands like The Records and The Motors, especially Bram Tchaikovsky. At times it is a bit sleazy and then it becomes more reminiscent of the American wave. 

I hate to compare bands to Big Star, but there is a great similarity in the sound, particularly the Guitar sound. The band seem to revel in their influences and you also get the impression that the production is deliberately a little lo fi to match the times. 

That's not to say they are stuck in Power Pop, there are plenty of hints of Glam Rock and a more Indie sound. Up To You is a wonderful mix of 60s Power Pop with Glam solos. Yet Caroline Kills goes all The Strokes and I Wanna Rock You goes all Lou Reed leading a Canvey Island R&B band.

Daily Dose is a doppelganger for The Records and yet You In My Heart is a fine slice of melodic Post Punk. Downtown even gets a little Psych Pop amongst the Glam Rock. There's is so much here to admire, Uni Boys are another band that are opening the gate.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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