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Thursday, 6 October 2022

Push Puppets - Allegory Grey


If there was a centre spot or focal point of where I Don't Hear A Single sits before it splits off, Push Puppets would be somewhere close by. Wherever IDHAS wanders, it always returns to the default of Pop Rock and albums in that genre always get the biggest follower interest.

The quartet from Palatine Illinois offer up an album of sheer melodic goodness. Beautifully played, with a variety to applaud, but never losing sight of the fact that sounding great is one thing, but the songs have to match that quality.

Both the songs and the arrangements stand out. Beautifully played by the group as a unit, every last drop of melody is wrung out of them. The choruses are top notch, but the verses may be even better, unusual twists and turns in the vocal delivery and Erich Specht also has a fine set of pipes.

So matching all these pluses to material with a wide variety of styles can be tricky, but Push Puppets more than manage it and what variety! Your Secret's Safe is great New Wave Guitar Pop with a slight party feel, yet Lightning In A Dress matches a Paul Simon like verse to a Tragically Hip type chorus.

Staring At The Sun is laid back West Coast Rock with a killer bass line. October Surprise is the epic ballad. Center Of The Storm could be Glenn Tilbrook doing Country Rock and Obvious matches a lounge verse with a killer Crowded House type chorus.

The match of great verses to unexpected choruses is extended to two best songs on the album. There's No One Else Like Lynette is an absolute earworm and Sometimes The Buds Never Flower may be the best Pop Rock song that I've heard all year. The latter's hook is unusually in the verse. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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