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Tuesday, 4 October 2022

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 39

Number 39 is shorter than usual, coming in at just over 30 minutes. So you would be right in your assumption that this slight brevity is due to this week being that bit more poprocktastic. Maybe a bit more guitar led. Last week's seriously bothered the Mixcloud Global Charts as usual and I'm dure that this one will do more of the same.

The Mixcloud link is below and at the foot of the page is the Mixcloud Player which takes you directly to the music. Thank you for your continued listening. The Mix is certainly more popular than we ever expected. Thank you as always for your support.

Here is the playlist of the ten songs this week :

01 Guilty Party - Baby Bird

02 The Radio Field - Years Ago

03 Edward O'Connell - Golden Light

04 Greg Pope - Words No One Can Say

05 Sparks - Suburban Homeboy

06 Beddy Rays - On My Own

07 The Analogues Sideshow - Goodfoot

08 2nd Grade - Me & My Blue Angels

09 Scruff Myers' Superhands - Kissing For Granted

10 Bryan Estepa - Slip Slowly

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 39


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